Software Versions 8.90A to 8.90AL update to 8.90AM
8.90B Fixed bug for the Stockroom I-Issue's Auto Issue checkbox to save its setting.
8.90C Changed the code to save the new invoice number if changed during initial creation
8.90D Fixed bug where ECN records would forget their links to related files after all tables are re-indexed.
Modify the program to block duplicate invoice number and allow changing invoice number accordingly.
8.90E The Clone and Breakdown options on the Sales Order screen will now carry the Tariff Code into the newly created items.
8.90F Fixed bug for the Physical Inventory Variance Report which the result of the report was not correct if users selected to show parts with variance only and included parts and assemblies or combination of non-inventory parts and labor parts.
8.90G All Master SerialNo Records For a Part Number report for now shows if there is or is not there is qty in stock.
Changed label on the ECN report screen from Product Code to Part Number
Fixed the bug which removing the entire text of the Comment field of the invoice in the edit mode might be saved.
Fixed bug occurred when invoicing multiple line items at a time which after saving the invoice, on the sales order, only one line item's dateship was updated, other line items' date ship were empty.
Improved Password Security
The BOM and Partmast tables can no longer be immediately purged of deleted records when a bom or part number is marked for deletion.
8.90H The Quickbooks export will now accept a forward-slash as a valid character.
Hide the display of the "Removal" warning message when recalling a Part or Bom.
8.90J Fixed issue where the Quickbooks Asset⁄Expense account could recall the wrong account under specific conditions.
8.90K Fixed error when custom receiver labels displayed the wrong field under some circumstances.
Fixed issue where a stockroom movement report would always be displayed.
Fixed starting balance problem with the check reconciliation report for past 160 days.
8.90L Allow selection of OTHER CURRENT LIABILITY type accounts in the QuickBooks Asset-Expense list box on the inventory screen.
Added Invoice Number to the commercial invoice form.
Consolidated the stockroom L type transaction screens.
8.90M Addressed issue involving weight calculation inconsistency in the Shipment module.
Fixed bug where new invoices failed to adjust the inventory if the part number began with "NA".
Fixed batched posting of AP where the wrong account could be used if set to periodic accounting.
8.90N Fixed error when creating new invoices with multiple line item issued from different inventory areas.
Fixed error that prevented the editing of an Invoice.
8.90P Fixed bug when inventory adjustment is set to 'P' where invoicing would fail to locate the assembly's BOM record.
Fixed Invoice Screen error when enforcing valid Charts of Accounts entries as set by configuration option 94.
Fixed issue where getting alternate Billing⁄Shipping info on Sales Orders was incomplete.
Fixed possible "File is in use" error when using the Inventory Item look-up button on the AR voucher screen.
8.90Q Added option to consider blank CoA valid when validating entry on documents.
Modified the pop-up screen that allow users to select one of the options:edit the next record, scroll the database, or finished after coming out of editing an invoice or accounts receivable.
Fixed bug for serial lot numbers in the comment field of the invoices that contain wrong part numbers.
8.90R Fixed error in sales quotes report, when confirmed⁄unconfirmed selection did not have an effect in some cases.
Fixed problem where the Inventory Movement report for a single inventory area could have incorrect Issued and Adjusted quantities.
Fixed bug in the Routing module where not checking Allow Deletions disabled the Move and Ok buttons.
8.90S Allow to print sales orders when users duplicate sales orders.
Move work order to finished goods can now allow subsequent movements and work⁄sales order text box can be manipulated manually under all circumstances.
Corrected the bug which didn't block changes to the stockroom transaction number even though option 74 in the Configuration was set to block the number.
Fixed bug in the detail serial⁄lot record created via the stkroom's P-type make up shortage option which the record had the original stkroom transaction number instead of the make up shortage stkroom transaction number.
The Check Availability dialog once again starts with the cursor in BOM Number field.
Default the Part_Assy field to "P" if it is empty when creating parts via importing BOM in the Configuration, Settings & Utilities, Option 40.
Fixed bug that occurred when creating an invoice and users selected a closed sales order and then an open sales order.
Fixed error 26 that occurs when creating a new invoice and clicking on the delete button on the invoice screen.
Populated the term field correctly when creating a new invoice and users click on the delete button and then the add button to re-create the invoice on the invoice screen.
Fixed bug so that the Due Date would not be calculated if there is no invoice date such as users delete all newly added invoice line items on the screen.
Fixed bug where variable pcLaborSource doesn't exist during 'R' stockroom transaction.
Router can now move multiple sales or work orders to finished goods sequentially.
8.90T Fixed inability to edit a BOM that has a double quote in the BOM number.
8.90U Corporate version, Sync setting #2, now divisions are able to view addresses.
Corporate version, the Outsource field will always be synchronized when synchronizing parts.
Fixed the failure when importing shopsite xml file into the sales order table.
8.90V Corporate version: Fixed problem when editing several addreses in a row caused Error File is in use.
Corporate version: Sync Inventory now respects Alternate Currency Rate.
Fixed error 13 which appeared if you had pc/MRP's Scheduler turn on and tried to create more than one new invoices.
8.90W Corporate version: Sync Address Book now respects Alternate Currency Rate.
8.90X Fixed error where the price⁄quantity break download (for Avnet and TTI) in some cases got foreign prices instead of prices for "Americas".
Inventory Picture txt box now works with or without a single leading \.
8.90Y Fixed error 12, variable minvoiceno is not found in the Nameoutputfile.prg file when printing shipper forms from the debit memo module.
8.90Z Default the Part_Assy field to "P" if it contains an invalid character when creating parts via importing BOMs.
Change the debit memo's shipper pdf file name to start with HD plus the debit memo number and show the correct the debit memo item number on the Debit Memo module's printing screen.
8.90AA Set user's mlevel rights to accounting rights when starting quickbooks.prg
IB-MRP will now use the default lead time (7) if the lead time is 0 and Option 65 has never been changed.
A certain QuickBooks error message will now suggest that the user sets User Accont Control to Never Notify.
8.90AB Modified partmaster screen picture button to work with UNC Addresses.
8.90AC Fixed error 11 in corporate consolidated financial reports.
8.90AD Fixed problem with propagating changes to the contact information of an address within the Corporate Reporting environment.
8.90AE Fixed bug for the auto purchase order creation option which the purchase order had no vendor.
The corporate reporting module will now automatically re-create the CURHIST table if it is missing.
Single Bucket Auto PO now factors in std order qty and mult order qtys autopo.
Fixed inablity to use a custom report when converting parts to assembly.
8.90AF Audit report search rules are more consistent now. TrailCriteria.scx
Fixed the error where changes to the PartVend table were saved into the Audit Trail as PartPrice changes, and PartPrice changes were not saved at all. PartScr.scx
Fixed Error 9 Data Type Mismatch when running a corporate report. PrCorpReport.prg
Modified Corp YTD Exp and Rev Report so that cbud and cbudtot are negative when cabal and ytdtot are negative PrCorpReport.prg
8.90AG Fixed pathing problem within the Corporate Reporting environment.
8.90AH Changed Datastru purpose for Partmast.Altpartno from Memo to General info fo clarification.
Changed the Address label to Attention in 2 places.
Fixed a recent problem where Digi-Key price⁄qty breaks were downloaded in a reverse order.
8.90AJ Changed the tax code's input mask from two characters and two digits to 4 characters of any patterns.
Corporate HQ will be able to import Parts and BOMs. Other Divisions will not be able to import Addresses.
8.90AK Fixed error 26 when printing invoice or shipper to include SN⁄Lot numbers when the items don't require SN⁄Lot numbers.
Fixed bug: error 1923 occurred when invoicing an outside labor part.
Fixed bug for re-printing a remittance list for a single check created from a credit memo check.
8.90AL Fixed bug to prevent outside labor part's inventory quantity and average cost from updating when editing a receiver's quantity or cost.
Allow negative quantity sales order line item be invoiced.
8.90AM Fixed bug which popped up "Invalid Invoice Number" message when saving an edited invoice where the invoice number has been changed.
Fixed error 3 - file is in use, line 103 in file: Invoicescr.scx's load method when creating a new invoice right after editing an invoice.
Fixed problem when converting a multi-line item Sales Quote into a Sales Order where the associated item costs might be inaccurate.
Fixed problem where an assembly with 0 onhand might have the wrong quantity reported on the Convert-Parts-To-Assembly report.