Software Versions 9.00A to 9.00AB update to 9.00AC
9.00B Fixed intermittent F4 hot key failure.
Do not display the message: Press F4 -send request to approver on the PO⁄PR Approval screen if the task manager module is not activated.
Corrected invoice number not found intermittent problem when clicking on the Ok button to save the new invoice.
Adjusted the header positions and some value widths on the on the consolidated BOM report to fit 31 char partnos.
9.00C Fixed problem the stockroom "R" trannsaction dialog could be resized too small causing controls to overlap.
Download vendor stock quantities will look up the model number first, if not populated then the current vendor's part number.
The stock qty look-up will now close the iexplore *32 processes it started.
Fixed bug which popped up "Invalid Invoice Number" message when saving an edited invoice where the invoice number has been changed.
Fixed error 3 - file is in use, line 103 in file: Invoicescr.scx's load method when creating a new invoice right after editing an invoice.
9.00D Corrected the initial font size of the part and assy number in the stockroom's Issued Shortage Report to proportionally match the length of the part or assy number.
Fixed problem where the Stockroom adjustment dialog failed to present the entire list of stockroom adjustment reasons.
Fixed the bug on the new L-type stockroom transaction screen which treated qtyreq as qty-to-issue which caused negative quantity in the inventory.
Display a warning message if an "L" stockroom transaction will drive inventory negative.
9.00E Consider the PO Ratio when a new PO is entered and Standard Order Qty or Order Multiple is used.
Corrected bug transferring material within the routing module if one or more workstation areas are defined as blank.
9.00F Screen modifications on the L-type transaction dialog screen.
Fixed the problem that the L-type area qty label overlapped the quantity displayed in the textbox and a warning message displayed.
9.00G Fixed error 12 that happened in very rare cases when editing a BOM.
9.00H Fixed IB-MRP generation problem when using standard order quantities for assemblies.
9.00J Routing: Moving a SO⁄WO AFTER Finished Goods will trigger an R-type transaction, just like INTO Finished Good does (if the related box is checked).
Fixed COGs not displaying correctly and also not converting to the selected currency on the invoice screen.
9.00K Fixed the Stockrooms Check Availability Buy Report Error 12 Variable rnPartFontSize is not found by adding the file to the manual update list. AVABUY.frx
9.00L Fixed problem where the Tax Rate would round to three decimals when creating a new Invoice.
Fixed Print 1099 for a single vendor gets a User does not have permission to use this feature Error and fixed the 1099 alignment problem by replacing the 900 form1099_2008.frx file with the 890 version.
9.00M Fixed error when performing differential cycle count caused by restoring from an older version's form settings.
9.00N Fixed error 12 which happened in certain cases when closing an Audit Trail report.
Fixed "Partvend." not found error and prevented duplicate part numbers imported into the inventory table while importing BOMs.
Removed the option to allow importing partvendid and partvendname when importing BOMs.
Removed extra verbage from skipped labels on the receiving label.
Fixed error where stockroom, reports, subtotaled by SOWO, ISSTM only, include dedicated WO, didn't display the part numbers.
Set focus on the sales order number field when users first get on the R-type stockroom transaction screen.
Fixed error 12 in line 381 in autopo.prg that occurred when auto creating pos in the single bucket MRP.
Fixed the Part Number font size on the Inspection Record form.
Fixed problem when converting a multi-line item Sales Quote into a Sales Order where the associated item costs might be inaccurate.
Lower case y in the Sales⁄Quote screen Complete field no longer changes the Partno field to read only.
Fixed bug that the top Boms with zero on-hand quantity showed other top Bom's previous on- hand quantity on the Convert Parts to Assembly report if users entered multiple Boms on the Convert Parts To Assembly screen.
9.00P Fixed blank stock transaction number when receiving back from manufacturing using the routing module auto receive back. Also the doubling of onhand qty for the finished goods and xtra recfmg and labor stockroom record when moving from fg to shipping
9.00Q If updating pcmrp finds a blank or duplicate accting transaction number it displays error 1734. The update will now will check for blank and duplicates, repair if necessary, and then convert transact to transact and trandet.
9.00R Fixed error 12 which happened when running the POs affected by an ECN report.
Fixed issue when the part number was not displayed on the rarely used POB form.
Added a more detailed explanation to L-type issue to a closed SO⁄WO.
Fixed error 12 that could occur when generating labels for a range of receivers when the SN⁄Lot module is active.
Fixed Option 56, Compare Parts List, No Matches Error 12 Bug.
The Ok button on the R-type Stockroom transaction screen is now always enabled.
Fixed inability to cancel Credit Memo creation from the Credit Memo creation dialog.
9.00S The I-type stockroom transaction will now prevent users from issuing a SO to MFG if the SO was partially shipped.
Fixed a bug that occurs when adding a new line item to a pre-existing invoice.
The L-type stockroom transaction now retains the sales order number for the next L-type transaction.
9.00T IB-MRP All for a division report now can be run with the Consolidate option.
Fixed: If AuditPart found part numbers longer than set by Option 28, the error msg did not display the entire part number.
Fixed error 165 that could occur during login.
Fixed bug which popped up a message saying the invoice number and item number can not be found on the invoice screen if users clicked on the Items⁄Notes button and then click on the Ok button to save the invoice.
9.00U Allow outputting to Excel in Option 56 in the Configuration module.
9.00V The help icon next to the Pre-seed function now points to a more informative slide.
Fixed bug where the wrong description was displayed when manually creating a new detail Serial-Lot record.
Fixed minor bug in the PW module where 0 was not considered a number for the Sarbane-Oxley rules.
Fixed minor bugs for Generating blank count sheets for a division (PI and Cycle Count)
Allow new Cash & Carry and On Account & Carry sales orders with negative quantity to automatically create invoice.
Added a flag to allow deleting old or new records for duplicated records when importing to partmast.dbf.
9.00W Made the Start Date read-only on the inventory screen.
Added logging of purged part numbers during importation via configuration option 40.
Fixed error if Part Number or BOM Number is not mapped during configuration 40 import.
9.00X Fixed import error that incorrectly detects a failure to map to the Part Number field.
Fixed error 12 when sending a blank cycle count sheet to excel.
9.00Y Improved the explanation that is displayed for an L-type issue to a closed SO⁄WO. IssueParts.scx
Fixed an obscure problem which could cause the saving of an inventory record to be very slow. Generic.prg::GoSafe()
9.00Z Improved the opening speed of the inventory screen.
9.00AA Added the option to run ListBadDbfCharacters() from the command line to list bad characters in a dbf file.
Fixed partvend lookup bug where it used first partvend record for that vendor.
9.00AB Fixed the truncation of right columns when part number size is set to certain characters.
Fixed bug that users could not create a new part with creation rights.
Fixed Insufficient Qty Onhand for 2 items on an invoice bug, hitting Cancel Once left you with first partnumber on both line items.
9.00AC Fixed popup message bug for part numbers longer than 15 characters.