Software Versions 9.10A to 9.10F update to 9.10G
9.10B Fixed usage % calculation on the monthly inventory usage report.
Modified the WO items⁄notes screen title to say "Work Order Line Item Edit Form".
Fixed the truncation of right columns when part number size is set to certain characters.
Fixed bug that users could not create a new part with creation rights.
Fixed Insufficient Qty Onhand for 2 items on an invoice bug, hitting Cancel Once left you with first partnumber on both line items.
9.10C Fixed error 1734, Line 2 when canceling out the of the Items⁄Notes pop up screen on the invoice screen.
Fixed bug where manufacturer's info change was not saved on the PO items⁄notes screen.
Fixed bug where the user could enter a 5 digit division into the PO screen, while the program only stores 4 digits for division.
Added a new function for opening associated FLINKS records.
9.10D Fixed the sorts on the Check Availability Report.
9.10E Fixed error 107 which could occur when a user is editing a sales order and adds a new line item.
9.10F The importer will change any 0 or negative PoRatio values to 1. Importing POs will update the OnOrder Quantity.
Hide the Requestor lookup button on the PO screen if the employee module is NOT activated.
Fixed popup message bug for part numbers longer than 15 characters.
9.10G Created pcmrpups2017.dat file for UPS worldship 2017 UPS changed the name of a couple of their fields in MySQL.
Fixed a report error when generating Div⁄Dept YTD Exp-Rev Reports with sub-account details.