Software Versions 9.12A to 9.12D update to 9.12E
9.12B Fixed bug where manufacturer's info change on the PO items⁄notes screen was not saved.
Added buttons to copy the entire address to the clipboard.
Removed an unneeded "?" (help) sign from the RFQ shipping tab.
Fixed bug where the user could enter a 5 digit division into the PO screen, while the program only stores 4 digits for division.
Added a new function for opening associated FLINKS records.
Added aging totals to the billing statement in accounting.
Fixed the sorts by lead time on the Check Availability Report.
Added the option to: "Block PO if (discounted) price exceeds Standard Cost". It can be overridden with a password.
The importer will change any 0 or negative PoRatio values to 1. Importing POs will update the OnOrder Quantity.
9.12C Fixed "variable not found" error in the "Block PO if (discounted) price exceeds Standard Cost" feature.
9.12D Added the option to use the current date on all receivers exported to Quickbooks
9.12E Added the option to include additional part fields when importing BOMs allows people to import BOMs only and not have to import first parts and then BOMs.
Hide the Requestor lookup button on the PO screen if the employee module is NOT activated.
Fixed popup message bug for part numbers longer than 15 characters.
Created pcmrpups2017.dat file for UPS worldship 2017 UPS changed the name of a couple of their fields in MySQL
Added the Reference Designators to the CNVSBOM report.
Reduced BOM import times by a factor of 3 for large BOMs
Fixed a bug where the 910 update lost the setting of Option 25 in some cases.