Software Versions 9.13A to 9.13E update to 9.13F
9.13B Pre-set variable MPASS_InclAttrition in AllBom.prg (Cost Rollup) to 0 in case Option 59 Attrition has not been set.
9.13C Duplicated documents (PO, PR, SO, SQ) will no longer inherit any approval signatures.
Suppressed the Assest-Expense warning when creating a new part unless the Quickbooks export module is activated.
Added "View BOM" from the Partmaster edit screen "View Part" from the BOM edit screen. Also made the "View Part" option more visible on the document screens.
9.13D Fixed failure to distribute file with both the Full Update and New Install. Must be distributed as a patch file.
Fixed problem where a single user license can't batch return finished assemblies from the stockroom.
Fixed bug where View part to View BOM switches the SO⁄PO into View mode.
Corrected the pop up message that was mistakenly based on the average cost instead of last po cost when running the audit last po cost option.
9.13E Fixed bug introduced by 9.13D where Single User licensed installs would get stuck in an infinite loop when performing a return of finished assemblies from manufacturing.
9.13F The View BOM button is now visible on Phantom BOMs.
The I stock transaction report's "Instructions:" label will be only displayed if the reference designators field is not empty.
Fixed error 12 when editing and saving a receiver with the audit trail not activated.
Fixed bug where converting a Sales Quote to a Sales Order could re-point some of the Sales Order file links.
The report for Convert Part to Assembly is no longer limited to using Average Cost.