Software Versions 9.14A to 9.14K update to 9.14L
9.14B Added a header message to some reports to indicate when Setup Qty is included in the report results.
9.14C Fixed bug where on the F type stock room transaction's pick list did not display the part number for certain part number sizes.
Changed Qty Onorder to Open Qty on the Make-up Shortages Issued to MFG Only - with PO Information" report.
Fixed problem where a SO line item 0001 lost its document number if there was a 0000 line item.
Fixed error when changing an Address ID in the Address Book and propagating the change to other module tables.
Fixed problem where the Sale Price Markup process could fail to perform if the selected mark-up method is "Component Sale Prices".
9.14D Added option to Propagate Purchase Order Date required, Time required, Confirmed, NCNR, Discount, Tax from the current line item into all others.
Block the reclose of a month if it is before the accounting lockout date.
Characters in a textbox will no longer overflow into the next text box.
Added option to Propagate Sales Order Required Ship Date, Required Arrival Date, Tax Type, Tax, Discount, Confirmed, Confirm Date and Hold from the current line item into all others.
Added support for associated file deletion of the PRG-FXP-ERR grouping.
Added support for more than 65534 records when exporting to Excel.
9.14E Routing module's report for sales orders now limit selection to only work order with routing records.
Fixed a Parts-Only 'I' Stockroom issue problem.
9.14F Created the TableStrTran() function.
When entering a PO, pc⁄MRP will display the lead time for each vendor and their price for that qty.
Disable the option to automatically print a Refund Check for an overpayment if the targeted chart of account is NOT a checking account.
9.14G Fixed a duplicate hotkey in the L-type stockroom issue process.
Added option to mark unused parts as obsolete. BOM reports can now exclude obsolete and floor stock.
Added a dialog utility for character counting and character replacement.
Fixed problem where conversion of purchase request to purchase order didn't update the Entered-By field as defined by the configuration settings.
Added the capability to display all purchase orders while editing a part on the inventory screen.
Added ability to see the extended component cost on the BOM entry dialog
9.14H Correct a problem where changing the currency on an invoice would only change it on the selected line item.
Added the option to sort by variance (Absolute $) to the physical inventory variance report.
Fixed connection error during download of the User Manual PDF file.
Fixed error when carrying the company address forward into the Remit-To or Shipping address while creating a new vendor address.
Added option to filter the ISO 9000 Vendor Performance report to Inventory and Outside Labor part types only.
9.14J Fixed nability to send the ISO 9000 Vendor Performance report to a custom form.
Fixed error 1734 that can occur when clicking on the header on the All PO For A Part Number screen.
9.14K Fixed error 12 when editing a vendor 's address in address book.
9.14L Fixed inability to close a month in a prior accounting period if a lockout date was not set.