Software Versions 9.32A to 9.32B update to 9.32C
9.32B Identify the current inventory adjustment method when generating an inventory movement report.
Label changed from Gross Wage Expense to COGS Wage Expense.
Update onorder quantity when users manually puts a Y in the complete field of the purchase orders.
Added sorting and grouping by month to the Sales and Invoice reports.
Physical Inventory History report now supports EFX output templates.
9.32C Fixed problem where editing a receiver qty could affect the average cost even if the inventory area was originally excluded from the average cost calculation.
Fixed possible error 1712 after enabling activity logging within the active task scheduler instance.
Fixed problem where presence of the SHORTREC.FLG file could cause the on-order quantity to not update correctly.
Fixed problem when issuing a work order for a 'P' type part to WIP when there is a shortage.
Fixed timeout issue involving the setting of admin lockouts made via the scheduled tasks.
Allow ECN send form using Email PDF option.