Software Versions 9.20A to 9.20S update to 9.20T
9.20B Fixed error 12 when editing a vendor's address in address book.
9.20C Added ability to use EFX export files with accounting reports.
Fixed inability to close a month in a prior accounting period if a lockout date was not set.
9.20D Fixed assembly cost calculation issue when labor is not registered against the build.
9.20E Fixed speed problem when opening inventory parts when the BOM table is large.
9.20F Fixed problem where viewing a BOM directly from inventory could include extraneous items.
Fixed inability to change configuration option 7 (Sales Tax Settings)
9.20G Fixed issue where the Administrative Lockout would fail to timeout if triggered from the Task Scheduler. Procfile.prg, Schedule.vcx::ScheduleTimer
9.20H Fixed problem where an "L" stockroom transaction might assume that the related Work Order is complete.
9.20J Stopped the stockroom adjustment dialog from carrying forward the area name from the prior adjustment transaction.
Fixed problem where Closing an accounting period would error if there was a space in the Windows username.
Fixed possible costing inaccuracy when converting a sales quote to an order.
Changed the size of the BOM number field for the Routing module's workstation percentages.
Fixed inability to have an associated address pop-up message appear when creating an AR or AP voucher.
Initial assignment of material to a routing record no longer forces it into the first workstation.
9.20K The option to Output Consolidated BOM to Excel will no longer include the quantity already received.
9.20L Fixed problem where refunding freight when creating a credit memo and immediately printing a check results in a malformed accounting transaction.
Fixed problem where a Debit Memo isn't allocated correctly if it is applied multiple times via Pay Bills.
Fixed problem where using a debit memo to entirely pay off a receiver could result in a $0 check.
9.20M Fixed an accounting lockout date anomaly when configured to use European date format.
Fixed problem where a PO list for a part can not be retrieved if accessed though the BOM screen.
9.20N Inspection report displayed 114568 as the document number on all inspection records.
Fixed misspelling of the word PRODUCT on some Infinite Bucket reports.
9.20P Fixed error when generating the Requirement List from the inspection module.
Fixed the link for DHL tracking caused by changes to the DHL web page.
Fixed error when editing a receiver in the Single User version.
9.20Q Fixed possible estimated usage calculation inaccuracy if the Date Range method is used to specify the time frame for analysis.
Do not include Set Up Qty For Cost Roll Up options.
Added ability to EFX handling to determine record pointer movement and define a column's Background Color.
9.20R Fixed error 1579 when scrolling to retrieve a Chart of Account number on the invoice screen.
Fixed problem where long part numbers would not appear on the Inventory screen's where used printout.
Fixed issue where converting a quote to a sales order might not permit the issuing area to be selected.
Corrected a possible error 1712 when entering a sales order and the customer is over their credit limit or are in violation of their terms.
9.20S Fixed possible error 13 when editing an AR voucher in accounting.
Fixed possible duplication of the street address line when printing a check.
Fixed error 12 during a cost roll-up triggered by a finished assembly return from WIP.
9.20T Fixed bug during receive back from manufacturing that was introduced by the 9.20S update.