Software Versions 9.30A to 9.30J update to 9.30K
9.30B Fixed possible duplication of the street address line when printing a check.
Block access to employee pay rate, tax withholding and SSN unless user has highest accounting rights.
9.30C Fixed error 12 during a cost roll-up triggered by a finished assembly return from WIP.
9.30D Improved reliability of the tracking number update process for invoices.
Addressed confusing ambiguity regarding Setup Qty inclusion on Cost Rollups.
Fixed problem where the Costed Exploded BOM report fails to include setup quantity when assembly quantity is greater than 1.
9.30E A list of available indexes is now included when printing the table structures via option 39.
Fixed difficulty when trying to select the NCNR or Confirmed checkboxes on the PO's Options dialog.
Fixed problem when performing an MRP generation with the option to Recalculate Min Stocking Levels selected.
9.30F Identify the current inventory adjustment method when generating an inventory movement report.
Fixed problem where editing a receiver quantity could affect the average cost even if the inventory area was originally excluded from the average cost calculation.
Fixed possible error 1712 after enabling activity logging within the active task scheduler instance.
Fixed problem where presence of the SHORTREC.FLG file could cause the on-order quantity to not update correctly if cancelling the PO backorder.
9.30G Fixed problem when issuing a work order for a 'P' type part to WIP when there is a shortage.
Fixed timeout issue involving the setting of admin lockouts made via the scheduled tasks.
Bug fix for duplicated serial number, when importing serial⁄lot number.
9.30H Fixed problem when adding additional line items on a Work Order failed to respect the CONSUMABLE configuration setting.
9.30J FIxed problem when adding additional line items on a Work Order failed to respect the CONSUMABLE configuration setting
9.30K Fixed cost averaging problem during return of finished assemblies from WIP if labor data is not provided prior to returning.
Fixed possible error when printing Bills of Lading by range.
Fixed resize problem on the inventory screen's Audit WIP dialog.
Configuration option 34 no longer allows duplicate inventory area names to be defined.