Software Versions 9.36A to 9.36D update to 9.36E
9.36B Configuration option 34 no longer allows duplicate inventory area names to be defined.
9.36C Fixed problem with the position of the LEGEND button on the BOM screen.
Changed the color highlight for non-effective components on the BOM screen.
The sales order clone and breakdown functions now also adjust the Required Arrival Date.
9.36D Added the option to auto-allocate serial-lot items when issuing. IssueSnl.scx
Fixed cut-off problem when an ECN is sent to PDF.
Fixed date picker when clicking on confirmed checkbox and manual input and valid bug.
Add primary location field on the Multiple BOM Consolidate Report in the Sales Analysis module.
Fixed problem with the duplicate display of shortage transactions when returning finished assemblies.
9.36E The option for Serial-Lot information is no longer selectable when sending output to Excel during a BOM report. BRepoScr.scx
Fixed problem where the inventory module's MRP Overview data might return after a Movement report. PartScr.scx
Add primary location field on the Multiple BOM Consolidate Report for outputting to an Excel file. Excel_ConsolidatedBOMReport.prg, Excel_ConsolidatedBOMReport.EFX
Corrected a printing issue related to lower-case characters in document numbers. BatchPri.prg
Fixed inspection date not be saved in inspection screen. inspect.scx
Fixed problem saving the changes made to configuration option 53. Configuration.scx