Software Versions 9.40A to 9.40Y update to 9.40Z
9.40B Improved QuickBooks export logging capabilities.
Added tool-tips for On Oder and On Demand on the inventory screen.
9.40C Creating a new BOM will now establish the last physical inventory date for the newly created BOM part number.
Corrected a syntax error that could occur when generating a consolidated BOM report in the Sales Analysis module.
Fixed concurrency problem when two receivers are entered against the same PO Item at the same time.
9.40D Fixed date picker problem for sales quote conversion to sales order.
9.40E Fixed failure of the check remittance detail overflow dialog window from appearing.
Fixed possible error when changing the date required while converting a Sales Quote into a Sales Order.
9.40F Fixed support contract expiration code entry bug.
9.40G Block intermingling of sales and work orders when printing documents.
The Item number and part number fields on the Sales screen no longer appear editable in VIEW mode.
Fixed Configuration option 52 to display the full Term days when larger than 99.
Fixed problem when assigning an arrival date during conversion of a Sales Quote into a Sales Order.
9.40H Created a timer to periodically tickle the server to help prevent the file handles from being dropped.
9.40J Duplication of a BOM will now update the Lead-time, Shippable, and Last Physical Date fields.
Fixed problem when an ECN has more than 99 items.
Fixed case sensitivity problem auto-generating POs for a specified buyer.
Improved the File Link dialog's ability to handle superfluous leading backslashes.
9.40K Fixed problem when Converting Parts to Assemblies with the Ask When Short option selected.
9.40L Prevent any of the inventory storage areas from being renamed to WIP.
Fixed error when generating a Serial⁄Lot detail report for an invoice number.
9.40M Fixed problem where concurrent receiver entry would print the same receiver document.
9.40N Fixed bug where the Inventory Movement and Monthly Usage reports would crash when rendering large data sets.
Improved accuracy of the EFX rendering engine's progress bar.
9.40P Fixed problem where importation of L stock transactions fails if there are empty Inventory area names.
Fixed problem when manually creating new Serial or Lot numbers against multiple line items while invoicing.
9.40Q Fixed error 1712 that could occur when entering a sales order with multiple validation problems.
Fixed string comparison problem that could fail to trap a QB export with an invalid QB COA reference.
Fixed PPV report cost label selecting Average, label will now say Average, data was always correct.
Purchase order Tax Rate now accepts four decimal places.
9.40R Fixed problem where the Assigned Vendor report in inventory would not apply filters correctly.
9.40S Synced Allied Electronics Price Qty Look up with website
Edit Receiver, Print Receiver Labels so no hard error if receiver does not exist
9.40T Revised TrackDHL due to changes to the DHL website
Fixed check calculation problem that occurs when a Credit to a Checking account is removed during "A" and "W" accounting transactions.
BOM entry window will now consider Effectivity Date when calculating ad-hoc costs.
9.40U Fixed problem where changes to the FedEx website induced tracking number lookup failures.
9.40V The enhanced Work Order form will now honor BOM effectivity constraints.
9.40W Added Floor Stock and PO Confirmation fields to the output of the Sales Analysis - Output Consolidated Bom to Excel option.
9.40X Added contact info to the Support Contract Status dialog.
Module Activation Screen now points to website for module prices.
Improved column formatting on the GlTrial2.frx report form.
Fixed resize problem on the Schedule form's Event log editbox.
Fixed error when attempting to output an empty data set to Excel.
9.40Y Improved export of Memo fields to Excel when data contains leading multiple Equals symbols.
Fixed problem when removing duplicate imported Customer Pricing records.
9.40Z Corrected a check print problem on Adjusting accounting transactions with multiple credits.