Software Versions 9.41A to 9.41C update to 9.41D
9.41B xlstodbf can now convert a spreadsheet with just one data row xlstodbf.prg
For shopsite integration, If part is not in pcmrp, add it. wsorder.prg,wsimport.prg, mrpmenu.mnx
The issuing inventory area location will now be displayed on shortage fulfillment reports. AllShort.prg, Makeup.prg, IsuShort.frx
The ClearAllData function will now re-create an empty TRAIL table after completion. ClearAllData.prg
Fixed failure of the check remittance detail overflow dialog box from appearing. PrCheck2.prg, CheckRemitList.scx
Add the option in the Employee Time Tracking module to only allow users with accounting deletion rights to view labor cost reports. Emptimesh.prg, Emptimesheetsettings.prg, Prtimesh.scx
9.41C Added the fields Invoice No, Amount Received, Receiver No, and Amount Paid to the Accounting Transaction scroll dialog window.
Fixed contract expiration code bug.
Added option to prevent invoicing from driving inventory quantity negative.
Fixed connectivity error when attempting to download a software patch on older operating systems.
Users can now scroll and edit accounting transactions by invoice and receiver numbers.
9.41D Prevent users without deletion rights in accounting from viewing an employee profile that has the pay rate data.
Block intermingling of sales and work orders when printing documents.