Software Versions 9.42A to 9.42C update to 9.42D
9.42B Fixed problem where concurrent receiver entry would print the same receiver document.
Fixed bug where the Inventory Movement and Monthly Usage reports would crash when rendering large data sets.
Added option to Mark-as-Obsolete parts without movement when generating the inventory movement report.
Improved accuracy of the EFX rendering engine's progress bar.
Fixed problem where importation of L stock transactions fails if there are empty Inventory area names.
Fixed problem when manually creating new SN-Lot numbers against multiple line items while invoicing.
Fixed error 1712 that could occur when entering a sales order that has multiple user-entered data validation problems.
9.42C Added Historic Average Cost Option to PPV Report
Stockroom report now permits a consolidated report for a Work order.
New quote dashboard.
Fixed failure of the Physical Inventory Count Sheet dialog to save all settings.
9.42D Fixed problem where only the first received item would have its Inventory popup message displayed.