Software Versions 9.50A to 9.50AA update to 9.50AB
9.50B Fixed error during full update if a custom form has a space in the filename.
Fixed issue preventing the upload of an Invoice to PayLink.
9.50C Fixed button alignment problem of the Address Book window.
Corrected a problem where certain PNs were NOT being blocked from WO creation.
9.50D Improved the Paylink action failure logging process.
Improved export of Memo fields to Excel when data contains leading Equals symbols.
9.50E Fixed problem when removing duplicate imported Customer Pricing records.
Improved reliability of the Paylink processes on older operating systems.
9.50F Improved clarity on the invoice print dialog regarding a disabled checkbox for online payment.
9.50G Removed printer codes from several distributed print forms.
Opened access to the PaylinkViewer to end users.
9.50H Fixed the download of component prices from Findchip's website due to website changes.
9.50J Checking the Paylink status of an invoice that has already been processed no longer states that the Document ID is invalid.
Processing online payments can now be performed on unposted invoices.
Added a buffer flush to the invoice save process.
Fixed error 107 when changing the email account setting via option 99.
9.50K Corrected a check print problem on Adjusting accounting transactions with multiple credits.
Fixed a fatal error that could occasionally occur when saving a report to PDF file.
9.50L Improved two-factor login compatibility with more email servers.
The PaylinkViewer dialog will now display detailed data.
9.50M Added support for direct transacting of Online payments via R and S accounting transactions.
Added masking of credit card data except during initial entry.
9.50N Added ability to send the online payment request to multiple recipients.
9.50P Fixed an Invalid Subscript error in the stockroom "F" transaction.
9.50Q Enable entry of new CVV code when the Credit Card expiration date is changed.
Error dialog now includes the date and time of the error.
9.50R Fixed problem when deleting the trailing characters from a boiler plate note on Sales Orders and Invoices.
Fixed error 12 when performing an Inventory part number merger.
Sales Analysis Book-to-Bill now factors discount out of all calculations.
9.50S Add a utility function to generate the Paylink script code for Invoice header information.
Fixed truncation of data displayed in the MRP Overview grid on the inventory screen.
Deleted invoices will no longer appear in the Online Payment processing list.
Improve Paylink compatibility to support multiple API IDs.
9.50T Fixed Paylink upload issue if configured to reference the ACH ID.
9.50U Added the All For a Check Number report to the Invoice module's report option.
Added option to have the customer PO number on the Paylink document.
9.50V Removed the restriction prohibiting the resend of a Paylink payment request.
Added option to filter the invoice report by Date Paid.
Fixed problem where an older user manual might be opened from the menu on some OS stacks.
9.50W Fixed problem with the Commercial Invoice's boiler plate notes.
Improved speed of the duplicate part number validation process when importing into Inventory via configuration option 40.
9.50X Fixed error 12 when replicating a Corporate Reporting user password.
Fixed problem where a part description might be truncated to 25 characters in a stockroom record.
Removed the dependency on IE from the vendor price lookup process.
Removed dependency upon IE from the CurrencyConverter and webpage opener processes.
Improved support where the manual is opened, and a browser is targeted as the PDF reader.
Improved the speed of the Remove-Marked-Records process.
9.50Y Fixed numeric data overflow when performing R type stockroom transaction with extremely small issued quatities.
9.50Z Importing shopsite product price from shopsite went to patmast cost now to partmast saleprice
Fixed wo_enhanced.frx notes bug
Export Parts to Shopsite now includes images
Fixed problem with the inventory Vendor Price retrieval process caused by changes to the source website.
A User now needs Delete Rights to PO Module to auto generate POs from Purchasing's MRP Report.
9.50AA Prevent presentation of a warning message when changing the quantity on a closed Sales Quote.
Fixed problem where some windows would fail to remember their last opened position.
Fixed problem when file linking to a URL that is hosted on a case-sensitive server.
9.50AB Infinite Bucket MRP generation can now filter out Non-Inventory floor stock items.