Software Versions 9.51A to 9.51E update to 9.51F
9.51B Removed printer codes from several distributed print forms.
Opened access to the PaylinkViewer to end users.
9.51C Fixed problem where the Invoice Items and Notes grid was being cleared by the Paylink Status button.
9.51D Fixed the download quantity and prices from Findchip's website.
Processing online payments can now be performed on unposted invoices.
Corrected a check print problem on Adjusting accounting transactions with multiple credits.
Fixed a fatal error that could occasionally occur when saving a report to PDF file.
Improved two-factor login compatibility with more email servers.
The PaylinkViewer dialog will now display detailed data.
Added optional BOM Importer module supporting Agile and Autodesk.
9.51E Fixed issue with the Autodesk import process.
9.51F The optional BOM Importer module will now detect part number size discrepancies.
Added ability to send a two-factor login code as a SMS text message.
The optional BOM Import Utilities module now includes SOLIDWORKS as an option.