Software Versions 9.52A to 9.52J update to 9.52K
9.52B Error dialog now includes the date and time of the error.
Added ability to define a Popup Message for PO items that can appear when the item is received.
Address screen now separates inactive contacts from the active contacts.
9.52C Fixed problem when deleting the trailing characters from a boiler plate note on Sales Orders and Invoices.
Fixed error 12 when performing an Inventory part number merger.
Sales Analysis Book-to-Bill now factors discount out of all calculations.
9.52D Fixed truncation of data displayed in the MRP Overview grid on the inventory screen.
Improve Paylink compatibility to support multiple API IDs.
Fixed error on address screen when copying the address block via the copy button.
Added the option All For a Check Number report to the Invoice module.
Added option to have the customer PO number on the Paylink document.
Removed the restriction prohibiting the resend of a Paylink payment request.
9.52E Added option to require entry within the REQUESTOR filed on newly created POs.
9.52F Added a command line function to resolve orphaned stockroom shortages.
Added option to filter the invoice report by Date Paid.
Fixed problem where an older user manual might be opened from the menu on some OS stacks.
Fixed the XlsToDbf function's problem converting logical data values.
Add BOM import support for the Arena software platform.
9.52G AP vouchers will now auto set the paydate for NET terms.
Fixed problem with the Commercial Invoice's boiler plate notes.
Fix error when a non-existent data column is assigned in the Arena or Agile importers.
Improved speed of the duplicate part number validation process when importing into Inventory via configuration option 40.
Fixed BOM Importer sensitivity to the smaller part number sizes.
9.52H Add the option to schedule the importation of Arena BOM data.
SetupQty can be optionally excluded from the Advanced 30 BOM version of the sales analysis output to excel.
9.52J Removed the dependency on IE from the vendor price lookup process.
Removed dependency upon IE from the CurrencyConverter and webpage opener processes.
Improved support where the manual is opened, and a browser is targeted as the PDF reader.
Improved the speed of the Remove-Marked-Records process.
9.52K Added option to the Arena import to update parts only if a component import table exists.