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Thank you for your interest in pc/MRP. This page is designed to answer many of the questions potential customers may have. If you have additional questions you can refer to our online pc/MRP Manual or feel free to contact us.

About Software Arts, Inc.
About pc/MRP
About pc/MRP Trial Version
About pc/MRP Training, Support, and Updates

About Software Arts, Inc

Who makes pc/MRP? [top]

Software Arts, Inc creates pc/MRP in their offices in Silicon Valley. All programming is done in-house.

Who is Software Arts, Inc? [top]

Software Arts, Inc is a privately held company. Software Arts, Inc has been offering pc/MRP as an Accounting, Inventory, and Material Requirements Planning software solution since 1985. There are over 2400 companies in 58 countries worldwide actively using pc/MRP.

What other services or software does Software Arts, Inc provide? [top]

pc/MRP is the only product of Software Arts, Inc. However, Software Arts, Inc also provides a variety of services including pc/MRP training and custom programming solutions.

About pc/MRP

What is pc/MRP? [top]

pc/MRP is an Accounting, Inventory Control, and Material Requirements Planning software solution for small and medium sized companies. "pc" stands for Personal Computer. This is part of the pc/MRP name because pc/MRP can run on any MS Windows based computer, Windows 98 and higher. "MRP" is also part of the pc/MRP name because pc/MRP performs material requirements planning. Completing the entire business cycle, pc/MRP also performs purchasing, receiving, sales order, invoicing, inventory, stockroom, bill of material, and accounting functions. Furthermore, though pc/MRP has a full accounting module, pc/MRP also seamlessly links with QuickBooks.

How does pc/MRP work? [top]

pc/MRP comes standard with 13 integrated modules: Bills of Materials, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Inventory, Receiving, Sales Order, Work Orders, Invoicing, Stock Room, Address Book, Shipment, and a 'Settings and Utilities' module. pc/MRP works by having those modules fulfill individual business processes and by sharing that information from one module to another. There is no need for double entry. Each module is described in more detail in the pc/MRP Manual and pc/MRP Price List.

There are also 18 optional modules. Each optional module is designed to add yet more function into specific business processes. Optional modules are also seamlessly integrated into the standard modules within pc/MRP. Currently available optional modules are: Advanced Password, Infinite Bucket MRP, Barcode, Engineering Change Notice, Sales Analysis, Sales Quote, Audit Trail, Purchase Request for Quote, Serial/Lot Number, Employee Time Tracking, Alternate Currency, Inspection, Routing Module, Customer Bulk E-mailer, QuickBooks Export, Corporate Enterprise Reporting Module, Task Manager & Tickler, EDI, and the and an Integrated Web Sales Site Interface. Each optional module is described in more detail in the pc/MRP Manual and pc/MRP Price List.

How does pc/MRP link with QuickBooks? [top]

The QuickBooks Export module allows customers to use pc/MRP for all inventory related processes and QuickBooks for accounting related processes without double entry into both systems. Customers would continue to use pc/MRP to control inventory costs, create multilevel bills of materials, issue stock to manufacturing, route jobs through the manufacturing floor, and generate material requirement planning reports, and at the same time, export AP and AR to QuickBooks for paying bills, making deposits, and generating financial reports. The QuickBooks Export module accomplishes this by exporting parts, vendors, customers, and all open invoices and receivers from pc/MRP into QuickBooks as often as the user wants. pc/MRP is designed to work with the US version of QuickBooks 2003 Pro or higher.

How much does pc/MRP cost? [top]

pc/MRP is the most complete and least expensive business software solution on the market today. For complete pricing details see the pc/MRP Price List or contact us directly.

Where is there more information about pc/MRP? [top]

More information about pc/MRP is available both online and by contacting Software Arts, Inc directly. Online users can access brochures, a slideshow, and the pc/MRP manual. Users can also contact Software Arts, Inc via phone, fax, or email.

What kinds of companies use pc/MRP? [top]

Most pc/MRP customers are Small or Medium sized manufacturing companies. There are also a number of customers that are retailers, distributors and divisions of larger fortune 500 companies.

What is the future of pc/MRP? [top]

Every year Software Arts, Inc releases a new version of pc/MRP. Newer versions contain more features, new optional modules, and, new reports.

How long does it take to implement pc/MRP? [top]

pc/MRP is designed to be intuitive and simple to use and implement. All customer, vendor, part, and bill of material information can be easily imported from a variety of file types. (XLS, QuickBooks IIF, ASCII?). Through the Settings and Utilities module companies can quickly customize pc/MRP for their specific business needs. And finally, users can also manually enter or import open accounts receivable and accounts payable into pc/MRP. Implementation can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Can pc/MRP grow as the company needs change? [top]

pc/MRP is designed for small and medium sized businesses. Many of our customers have been with us since their beginning. Some have grown from a single user system into a multi-user system with over 100 users on pc/MRP at one time. Companies starting on the single user simply pay the difference in price to upgrade to the multi-user.

Is any special software or hardware needed to run pc/MRP? [top]

pc/MRP will run on any computer capable of running MS Windows 98 or higher. pc/MRP will also run on most server network, but is verified to run on a Microsoft network. pc/MRP does not require a server. A single computer can be both a client and a server to other computers on the network. Furthermore, pc/MRP does not require any special software or additional licenses. Some MRP systems require the purchase of MS Access or yearly license fees for SQL. pc/MRP however, is a standalone application that includes the runtime libraries. There are no yearly license fees, special software, or special hardware needed to run pc/MRP.

Is there a users manual for pc/MRP? [top]

Yes, pc/MRP comes with a PDF formatted manual. The manual is also downloadable from pcmrp.com and built into the menu of pc/MRP.

About pc/MRP Trial Version

Is a trial version available? [top]

Yes. Unlike most software companies Software Arts, Inc provides a fully functional multi-user trial version. This allows companies to run pc/MRP exactly as they would in live conditions. All modules except the Advanced Password and Bar Code are accessible in the trial version.

How can potential users order the trial version? [top]

The trial version is free via Internet download. Please click on Free Trial on the home page.

What are the limitations of the trial version? [top]

Each table within the trial version is limited to 100 entries. By example, the trial version can only contain 100 inventory items or 100 stockroom transactions. The full version can have over 500,000 entries per table.

Is there test data available for the trial version? [top]

No. We recommend users enter their own assemblies, customers, and vendor information. If users decide to purchase pc/MRP all of the information entered during the trial process can be saved and used in the full version. There is a tutorial in the manual that walks you through the basic modules.

Does the trial version expire? [top]

No, the trial version does not expire with time.

What happens to the data in the trial version once it is activated into a full version? [top]

pc/MRP can be activated from the Trial version to the Full version with just a few key strokes. All information in the trial version can be saved or easily removed. Data entered into modules tested, but not purchased, are not accessable.

About pc/MRP Training, Support, and Updates

How is pc/MRP supported? [top]

Customer support is offered as a yearly contract. This contract contains 6 hours cap of support and all upgrades and revisions for the year. For complete pricing details see the pc/MRP Price List or contact us directly.

Is training available? [top]

Yes. Software Arts, Inc provides both in house and onsite training. For current training prices see the pc/MRP Price List or contact us directly.

How is pc/MRP updated? [top]

pc/MRP is updated in two different ways. Users can update for free within their same version to newer revisions. These updates are provided at no charge to fix bugs and sometimes to add features. This type of update can be applied automatically through the internet or downloaded from our website and manually applied. Users can also purchase a yearly support package that includes newer versions of pc/MRP as they become available. These full updates add new optional modules and features. For pricing information see the pc/MRP Price List or contact us directly.

How can companies earn free support? [top]

Software Arts, Inc. offers a referral program where existing customers can refer their customers and vendors to Software Arts, Inc. If the company referred to Software Arts, Inc purchases a single user version of pc/MRP we will provide an additional 20 minutes of support time; for a multi-user version of pc/MRP, we will provide 45 minutes of free support to the customer that made the referral.

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