Help for Update

by Software Arts, Inc.

Why You are Here

You are here because to perform this update several standard Windows commands are required that you do not understand or know how to perform. It is highly recommended that you take a MS Windows class and or bring in an outside consultant to perform these tasks. We have attempted to provide complete instructions on how to perform most of these tasks. You must understand you are dealing with the data of your company. If you do not understand how to perform these tasks after reading the instructions below, now is not the time to practice. If you need help you can call Software Arts at 408-226-7321 and we can recommend a local network consultant or try to walk you through this process. This is considered bill able time.

How To Open Windows Explorer

Take your mouse and do a Right click on the start button. Then select Open Windows Explorer.

How To Copy and Paste

It is very helpful for users to learn how to copy and paste folders and files. To copy a file or folder In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the file or folder you want to copy. On the Edit menu, click Copy. Open the folder or disk where you want to put the copy. On the Edit menu, click Paste. To select more than one file or folder to copy, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the items you want. To select a folder in the left pane of Windows Explorer, click the folder. Users can also select the desired file or folder and press CTRL-C to copy, select the folder or disk where you want to put the copy, the press CTRL-V to paste.

How To Make A Backup

It is absolutely a necessity to create a backup of pc/MRP before making big changes, before performing a manual or full update, and before you go home every night. A backup is defined as a full copy of the directory where pc/MRP resides. Never make partial backups of the pc/MRP directory! Every user must be off of pc/MRP before a backup can be made. Through the Windows Explorer find the folder where pc/MRP resides. This is usually called pcmrpw. From the Left column in Explorer Copy that folder. Paste that folder into a different location. Verify that a backup was created by finding the backup folder, finding the pcmrpw.exe inside of that folder, and double clicking on that file. pc/MRP should run just fine. If pc/MRP runs exit this copy of pc/MRP. If pc/MRP does not run you were not successful in making a backup.

How to Attribute Files

For pc/MRP to run on Novel networks and Windows 95 networks several files will need to be attributed read only. To change the attributes of a file select the desired file with a single right click and select Properties. If you wish to attribute the file read only check the read only box and press Apply. If you wish to un-attribute the file read only un-check the read only check box and press Apply. To exit the properties of a file press OK.

How to Find Where pc/MRP Resides

To Find where pc/MRP resides find your shortcut for pc/MRP and right click on that shortcut and select properties. Under the tab Shortcut look at the Target field. This is where pc/MRP resides. From this Target mapping, you should be able to open windows explorer and follow the directory tree to pc/MRP. You can also select the "Open File Location" button which opens Windows Explorer to the pc/MRP directory.

How to Create a Folder

From Windows Explorer, select the parent folder/directory that you wish to create a sub-folder, then select File, New, Folder and name it.

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