Converting pc/MRP into a Large Business

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15.8.1 Overview

pc/MRP can be activated by calling Software Arts and purchasing an activation code. If you wish to save your data entered with the Trial you can do so by purchasing the activation code. If you want to start over we can ship a fresh disk set already activated into a Large Business. To convert to the Large Version of pc/MRP by using the activation code follow the directions listed below:

15.8.2 Converting pc/MRP to a Large Version

Start pc/MRP and select Modules, Settings and Utilities, and About pc/MRP. Make sure the phone number listed in pc/MRP for your company matches the phone number listed on your activation sheet. On this screen Press the CTRL-U keys simultaneously. Enter the code provided. Once entered you can reselect Modules, Settings and Utilities, About pc/MRP, and now see your software has changed from a Trial Version to a Large Business Single User.