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15.4.1 Overview

To create a custom report you would:


pc/MRP's Custom Report Writer is shown above with the following icons in the upper left hand corner text A, field ab, line, sq box , rounded box, and picture (bit map). Clicking on an icon will allow you to add an object. Double clicking on any object allows you to edit and or move it. Double clicking a field object or clicking on the word object brings up the Report Expression dialog box (shown below) which allows you to edit the object.


The first box contains the expression (field, memory variable, or text) you would like to print out in that area of the report. In the example above the part number would print out in the area you are editing. The format field and button will allow you to format the data (!!!! = upper case, 999.999.99 = numeric only with 2 decimal places, etc.). The Print When Box will allow you to specify conditions that must be true for this item to print out. For example entering len(alltrim(partno)) > 0 would print out the part number only if it the length of the trimmed part number were greater than zero. Clicking on the Expression Button will allow you to select the memory or field variable from a list rather than typing in the variable expression by hand as shown below:


In the above example the partno field was selected by double clicking on the partno field in the fields list. If we wanted to print out the first 4 characters of the part number, you could type in left(partno,4) into the expression box or click on the string function list and select the function left(). The String list contains all FoxPro string functions (substr(), alltrim(), etc.). The Logical list contains all FoxPro logic functions (and, or, etc.). The Math list contains all FoxPro math functions (+, -, /, *, etc.). The Date list contains all FoxPro date functions (ctod(), dtoc(), month(), etc.). The Verify button will automatically verify that the expression you have built in the expression box is valid. Example of Modifying a Report

Suppose that you wish to make some changes to an inventory report.

Your screen should look like this:

Customizing Reports

The first thing you want to do is to save the file.

You want to save using the custom form name so as not to overwrite the original file.

Your screen should look similar to this:

Changed Report


Your screen should look similar to this:

2nd Changed Report

When you close the parts$.frx screen, you do not need to save any of the changes. This exercise is designed to get you familiar with modifying any report you want.

15.4.2 List of Reports

pc/MRP for Windows includes the report, forms, and labels listed below. If the last character in the report name is "w" it is the wide carriage report. For example the UNCSIN report is the report used for 8.5" x 11" print outs and the UNCSINW report is the report form use for 14" x 11" printouts.

When viewing any report you can view the open tables by pressing CTRL-F10. This will open a TXT file with all of the open tables in the "select area" statement. By example: "Select area: 1, Table in Use: C:\MY DOCUMENTS\PCMRPTEST\PCMRPW750\PARTMAST.DBF Alias: PARTMAST" This means the Partmast.dbf is open when running this report.

  Standard BOM Reports
    UNCSIN   standard uncosted single level BOM             bomtemp.dbf
    UNCSRF   standard uncost single level BOM w ref des     bomtemp.dbf
    SINBOM   standard costed single level BOM               bomtemp.dbf
    UNCEXP   standard uncosted exploded BOM                 bomtemp.dbf
    EXPBOM   standard costed exploded BOM                   bomtemp.dbf
    ALLBOM   standard all BOMs                              bomtemp.dbf
    AVABOM   standard parts availability report             bomtemp.dbf
    PICBOM   standard pic list exploded and singlelevel     bomtemp.dbf
    CNVBOM   standard convert parts to assy report          bomtemp.dbf
    CNVSBOM  standard issue parts infinite levels dp report bomtemp.dbf 
    PICBSN   standard pic list with available serial#'s     bomtemp.dbf 
  Custom BOM Reports
    CUNCSIN  custom uncosted single level BOM               bomtemp.dbf
    CUNCSRF  custom uncost single level BOM w ref des       bomtemp.dbf
    CSINBOM  custom costed single level BOM                 bomtemp.dbf
    CUNCEXP  custom uncosted exploded BOM                   bomtemp.dbf
    CEXPBOM  custom costed exploded BOM                     bomtemp.dbf
    CALLBOM  custom all BOMs                                bomtemp.dbf
    CAVABOM  custom parts availability report               bomtemp.dbf
    CPICBOM  custom pic list exploded and single level      bomtemp.dbf
    CCNVBOM  custom convert parts to assy report            bomtemp.dbf
    WHEBOM   standard where used                            bomtemp.dbf
    WHEBOMML multi-leve where used                          wheretree (tmp)
  Note: Version 6.49BI, 6.53N, AND 6.54A and and higher use 
        tmpb+[the first four characters of the users name].dbf 
        instead of bomtemp.dbf for BOM reports.
  Note: Custom BOM reports on pc/MRP versions 6.73 and higher 
        can also be named CUSBOM?.
  Note: Custom BOM reports on pc/MRP versions 7.50 and higher 
        can also be named CUSBOM*. Accounting Module
  Standard Accounting Reports
    GLINCOME standard gl income statement                  chartacc.dbf
    PRDEBIT  standard asset side of balance sheet          chartacc.dbf
    PRCREDIT standard liability + equity side of bal sheet chartacc.dbf
    GLTRIAL  standard trial balance report                 chartacc.dbf
    PRYTD    year to date expense and revenue report       chartacc.dbf 
    CHART    standard, narrow, wide carriage chart of acct chartacc.dbf
    PRGL     t-acct,4th close mon, curr bal accting reports prgltmp.dbf
    PRTRAN   general ledger and 5th close month gl reports prtrntmp.dbf
    CHKREC   check reconciliation report                    prgltmp.dbf
    CNVSBOM  parts issued for a sales or work order report stocktra.dbf
    COSTSALE cost of sales report based on invoices         invoice.dbf
    COSTSALD cost of sale from stckroom and Employee Modulestocktra.dbf        
    ACCREC   accts receivable report                        invoice.dbf
    ACCRECW  accts receivable wide carriage report          invoice.dbf
    SREC     summary accts receivable report                billtmp.dbf
    HREC     accts receivable payment history report        billtmp.dbf
    ACCPAY   accts payable report                           receive.dbf
    ACCPAYW  accts payable wide carriage report             receive.dbf
    SPAY2    summary accts payable report                  acpaytmp.dbf
    TAXLOG   in state sales tax report                     invoice.dbf
    TAXLOGO  out of state sales tax report                 invoice.dbf
    PRCHECKS single laser check form                       mchktmp.dbf (tmp)  
    PRDCHK   single dot matrix check form                  mchktmp.dbf (tmp)
    BILL     billing statement form                        billtmp.dbf
    COMMISS  commission report based on payment            transact.dbf
    COMMISSI commission report based on invoices issued    invoice.dbf
    PPV      purchase price variation report               ppvtmp.dbf
    FIFO     FIFO report                                   fifotmp.dbf
    ROYALTY  standard royalty report                       invoice.dbf
    CASHOUT  standard cash out report                      purchase.dbf 
    RECLOG   standard debit memo report                    receive.dbf      
    REMIT    single check remittance report                transact.dbf      
    REMITALL standard remittance report                    transact.dbf          
    PRGLALL  standard balance for a time period            prgltmp.dbf          
    Custom Accounting Reports and Checks                     invoice.dbf
    CCOMMISS custom commission report based on payment     transact.dbf
    CCOMMISS custom commission report based on invoice     invoice.dbf
    CUSCHECK custom check (6.73 and Higher)         mchktmp.dbf (tmp) 
  The following custom reports were added to versions 7.01K, 7.02N and higher
    CPRTRAN  custom gen ledger, 5th close month gl reports prtrntmp.dbf
    CPRGL    cus t-acct,4th close mon,cur bal acct reports prgltmp.dbf
    CHKREC   custom check reconciliation report            prgltmp.dbf
    CTAXLOG  custom in state sales tax report              invoice.dbf
    CTAXLOGO custom out of state sales tax report          invoice.dbf
    CCOMMISS cus commission on payment/invoice     transact/invoice.dbf
    CROYALTY custom standard royalty report                invoice.dbf
    CCOSTSAL custom cost of sales report based on invoices invoice.dbf
    CCASHOUT custom cash out report                        purchase.dbf 
    CRECLOG  custom debit memo report                      receive.dbf      
    CACCPAY  custom accts payable report                   receive.dbf
    CACCPAYW custom accts payable wide carriage report     receive.dbf
    CSPAY2   custom summary accts payable report           acpaytmp.dbf
    CACCREC  custom accts receivable report                invoice.dbf
    CACCRECW custom accts receivable wide carriage report  invoice.dbf
    CSREC    custom summary accts receivable report        billtmp.dbf
    CHREC    custom accts receivable payment history reportbilltmp.dbf
    CBILL    custom billing statement form                 billtmp.dbf
    CPPV      custom purchase price variation report       ppvtmp.dbf
    CFIFO     custom FIFO report                           fifotmp.dbf Partmaster Module
  Standard Partmaster Reports
    PART     standard uncosted disp and pr inventory rpt   partmast.dbf
    PARTW    standard uncosted wide inventory report       partmast.dbf
    PART$    standard costed pr and wide inventory report  partmast.dbf
    PARTS$   standard costed disp inventory report         partmast.dbf
    PRICELIS standard price list report                    partmast.dbf
    BLNKINV  standard disp and pr physical/inventory form  partmast.dbf
    BLNKINVW standard wide carriage physical/inventory frt partmast.dbf
    COSTINV  physical inventory variance report            partmast.dbf
    PARMOVP  physical inventory, inventory movement report movement.dbf 
    PARMOV   partmaster inventory movement report   movement.dbf 
    CYCLECNT cycle count standard report                    cyctmp.dbf        
    DISSPART inventory/partmaster find part report         partmast.dbf        
    PIH      physical inventory history report             pih.dbf    
  Custom Partmaster Reports (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTPARS custom disp inventory report                  partmast.dbf
    CUSTPART custom pr inventory report                    partmast.dbf
    CUSTPARW custom wide inventory report                  partmast.dbf
  Custom Partmaster Reports (After Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSPARS0-9  custom disp inventory report               partmast.dbf
    CUSPART0-9  custom pr inventory report                 partmast.dbf
    CUSPARW0-9  custom wide inventory report               partmast.dbf
    CUSTPHY     custom physical inventory variance report  partmast.dbf
    MCUSTREPNO   custom inventory movement report   movement.dbf (tmp)
  Custom Partmaster Reports (After Ver 6.73)
    CUSPAR??    custom inventory report                     partmast.dbf      
  Custom Partmaster Reports (Version 7.50 and above)
    CUSPAR*    custom inventory report                      partmast.dbf      
  Custom Partmaster Reports (After Ver 6.91G)
    CBLNKINV    custom physical inventory report           partmast.dbf        
    CUSPIH*     custom physical inventory report           pih.dbf Invoice Module
  Standard Invoice Reports
    INVLOG   narrow carriage invoice report                 invoice.dbf  
    INVLOGW  wide carriage invoice report                   invoice.dbf
  Standard Invoice/Shipper Form
    INVOICE  shaded invoice form                            invoice.dbf
    INVOICEB boxed invoice form                             invoice.dbf
    SHIPPER  shaded shipper form                              invoice.dbf
    SHIPPERB shaded boxed shipper form                        invoice.dbf
  Custom Invoice Reports (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTINV  custom invoice report                          invoice.dbf
  Custom Invoice Reports (After Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSINV?? custom invoice report                          invoice.dbf
  Custom Invoice Reports (Version 7.50 and above)
    CUSINV* custom invoice report                           invoice.dbf
  Custom Invoice/Shipper Form
    CINVOICE custom invoice form                            invoice.dbf
    CSHIPPER custom shipper form                             invoice.dbf
  Note: Invoice reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf    and Addrbook.dbf. Sales Order/ Work Order Module
  Standard Sales Report
    SALELOG  narrow carriage and displayed sales report     sales.dbf
    SALELOGW wide carriage sales report                     sales.dbf
    SOPER    ISO 9000 Customer on time delivery report      sales.dbf 
  Standard Sales/Shipper Form
    SALE     shaded sales order form                        sales.dbf
    SALEB    boxed sales order form                         sales.dbf
    SHIPPER  shaded shipper form                             sales.dbf
    SHIPPERB shaded boxes shipper form                       sales.dbf
  Custom Sales Order Reports (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTSO   custom sales report                            sales.dbf
  Custom Sales Order Reports (After Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSSO?? custom sales report                             sales.dbf
  Custom Work Order Reports        (Version 7.50 and above)
    CUSSO* custom work order reports                          sales.dbf                 
  Custom Work Order/Sales/Shipper Form 
    CSO      custom work order and sales order form         sales.dbf
    CSHIPPER custom shipper form                             sales.dbf
  Custom Work Order Reports        (Up to version 7.06)
    CUSWO?? custom work order reports                         sales.dbf                
  Custom Work Order Reports        (Up to version 7.06)
    CUSWO?? custom work order reports                         sales.dbf                
  Custom Work Order Reports        (Version 7.50 and above)
    CUSWO* custom work order reports                          sales.dbf                
Note: Sales Order reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf and Addrbook.dbf. Receive Module
  Standard Receive Report
    RECLOG   narrow carriage receiver report                receive.dbf
    RECLOGW  wide carriage receiver report                  receive.dbf
  Standard Receive Form
    REC      shaded receiver form                           receive.dbf
    RECB     boxed receiver form                            receive.dbf
  Custom Receive Report (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTREC  custom receiver report                         receive.dbf
  Custom Receive Report (After Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTREC0-9 custom receiver report                       receive.dbf
  Custom Receive Report (Version 7.50 and higher)
    CUSTREC* custom receiver report                         receive.dbf
  Custom Receiver Form
    CREC      custom receiver form                          receive.dbf
Note: Receiver reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf and Addrbook.dbf. Purchase Module
  Standard Purchase Report
    PURLOG   narrow carriage purchase report               purchase.dbf
    PURLOGW  wide carriage purchase report                 purchase.dbf
    VENPER   ISO 9000 vendor performance report            purchase.dbf
  Standard Purchase Form
    PO       shaded PO form                                purchase.dbf
    POB      boxed PO form                                 purchase.dbf
  Custom Purchase Report (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTPO   custom purchase order report                  purchase.dbf
  Custom Purchase Report (Version 6.49AR to 7.06)
    CUSTPO? custom purchase order report                   purchase.dbf
  Custom Purchase Report (Version 7.50 and higher)
    CUSTPO* custom purchase order report                   purchase.dbf
  Custom Purchase Form
    CPO       custom PO form                               purchase.dbf
Note: Purchase Order reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf and Addrbook.dbf. Sales Quote Module
  Standard Sales Quote Report
    QUOLOG   standard quote report                          quote.dbf
  Custom Quote Report (Prior to Ver 6.49AR)
    CUSTQUO  custom quote report                            quote.dbf
  Custom Quote Report (Version 6.49AR to 7.06)
    CUSTQUO?  custom quote report                           quote.dbf
  Custom Quote Report (Version 7.50 and higher)
    CUSTQUO*  custom quote report                           quote.dbf
  Standard Sale Quote Form
    QUOTE    standard shaded sales quote form               quote.dbf
    QUOTEB   standard boxed sales quote form                quote.dbf
  Custom Quote Form
    CQUOTE   custom sales quote form                        quote.dbf
Note: Sales Quote reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf and Addrbook.dbf. MRP, Min Max, Infinite Bucket Reports
  Standard MRP, Min Max, Infinite Bucket Reports
    LGPARREQ standard display/print MRP report             partmast.dbf
    WPARREQ  standard wide carriage MRP report             partmast.dbf
    LGMINREQ standard min max report                       partmast.dbf
    MRP2     standard nonconsolidated inf bucket MRP report action.dbf
    MRP2CONS standard consolidated inf bucket MRP report   mrp2cons.dbf
    MRP2EXCS standard infinite bucket excess inventory rep exectmp.dbf (tmp)
    MRP2CBPP standard infinite bucket pre-shortage report  action.dbf
    PUSHPULL standard infinite bucket push pull report     avail.dbf
    MRP2BUY  standard infinite bucket buy report      action/partmast.dbf
  Custom Min Max Report
    CUSTMRP  custom min max report                         partmast.dbf
  Custom MRP Report 
    CUSTCMRP custom MRP report found in purchasing module  partmast.dbf
    CMRP2    custom MRP report found in infinite bucket    action.dbf
    CUSMRP*  custom MRP report found in infinite bucket    action.dbf
    CUSTMRP* custom MRP report found in infinite bucket    action.dbf
Note: Most Infinite Bucket MRP reports use the Action.dbf and Mrppart.dbf. Sales Analysis Module
  Standard Sales Analysis Report
    MAKECONS standard consolidated single BOM report      makecons.dbf
    MAKECONM standard consolidated multiple BOM report    makecons.dbf
    SANAL    std sales analysis report                    sanal.dbf
    SANALCS  std cost of sales report                      costsale.dbf
    SANAL2   std sales analysis report sorted by division sanal.dbf 
  Custom Sales Analysis Report
    CUSSANA  custom sales analysis report                   sanal.dbf Address Book Module
  Standard Address Book Report
    ADDRESS  standard address book report                  addrbook.dbf
    ADDRESSW standard wide carriage address book report    addrbook.dbf
  Custom Address Book Report
    CUSADD?? custom address book report (Prior to 6.73)    addrbook.dbf
    CUSADR?? custom address book report (6.80 and Higher)  addrbook.dbf        
    CUSADR*  custom address book report (7.50 and Higher)  addrbook.dbf Stockroom Module
  Standard Stockroom Reports
    STOCKLOG standard stock room transaction report       stocktra.dbf
    CNVSBOM  standard stockroom I transaction report      stocktra.dbf
    MAKEUPWO standard stockroom P transaction by W/O      stocktra.dbf
    ISUSHORT standard stockroom P consolidated report     stocktra.dbf
    UNISSUE  standard stock room U transaction report     stocktra.dbf
    SWOLOG   std stock room report subtot by sales/work#  stocktra.dbf
    AVABUY   standard buy report                            bomtemp.dbf
    AVABOM   standard parts available report               bomtemp.dbf
    PARLAB2X standard part labels for I transaction, see LABEL (.LBX) below.
    SKTRCMFG standard receive from manufacturing report   stocktra.dbf
    BOMBUILD standard max no of BOMs that can be built    bomlist(cursor)
  Custom Stockroom Reports
    CUSMUS*  custom stockroom P transaction report         stocktra.dbf
    CUSUIS*  custom stockroom I transaction report         stocktra.dbf
    CUSSTK*  custom stock room report                      stocktra.dbf
    CUSTSTK*  custom stock room report                     stocktra.dbf
    CAVABOM  custom parts available report                  bomtemp.dbf
    CPARLAB  custom part labels for I transaction, see LABEL (.LBX) below.
    CUSBMB   custom max no of BOMs that can be built      bomlist(cursor) Purchase Request/Quote Module
  Standard Purchase Request Forms
    REQUESTB standard boxed PO request form         request.dbf       
    REQUEST  standard shaded PO request form                 request.dbf
  Custom Purchase Request Form
    CREQUEST custom PO request form                         request.dbf                
  Standard Purchase Quote Forms  
    POQUOB   standard boxed quote form                      request.dbf
    POQUO    standard shaded PO quote form                  request.dbf
  Custom Purchase Quote Form
    CPOQUO   custom PO quote form                           request.dbf                 
Note: Purchase Request/Quote reports automatically have a set relation into the Partmast.dbf and Addrbook.dbf. Serial/Lot Number Module
  Standard Serial/Lot Number Form
    AUDITSN  standard Serial/Lot Audit report form          auditsn.dbf        
    SNLOG  standard master serial/lot number report         snlot.dbf 
    SNDLOG standard master serial/lot number report         snlotdet.dbf       
  Custom Serial/Lot Number Form
    CAUDITSN  custom Serial/Lot Audit report form           auditsn.dbf
    CUSTSN  standard master serial/lot number report        snlot.dbf 
    CUSTSN standard master serial/lot number report         snlotdet.dbf Routing Module
  Standard Routing Form
    ROUTE     standard Routing Module report                  routing.dbf      

    ROUTEW    wide carriage Routing Module report     routing.dbf  

  Custom Routing Forms
    CUSTRTR*  custom Routing Module report form             routing.dbf        
    CUSRTR*   custom Routing Module report form             routing.dbf   Employee Time Tracking Module
  Standard Employee Tracking Forms
    EMPLOG    all employee form                           employee.dbf         
    EMPFRM    employee profile form                       employee.dbf         
    EMPTIMESH all time sheets forms                       emptimesh.dbf
    EMPTIMECOST all Labor cost forms                      emptimesh.dbf
  Custom Employee Time Tracking Forms
    CUSEMP*  custom employee report form                  employee.dbf         
    CUSTIM*  custom time sheet form                       emptimesh.dbf Inspection Module 
  Standard Inspection Forms
    INSPIL    standard inspection list form                 inspect.dbf        
    INSPALL   standard all inspection form                  inspect.dbf
  Custom Inspection Form
    CUSINS*   custom inspection form                        inspect.dbf ECN Module 
  Standard ECN Forms
    ECN    standard inspection list form                      ecn.dbf 
  Custom ECN Form
    CECN   custom inspection form                             ecn.dbf
LABEL(.LBX)    LABEL DESCRIPTION                          DBF FILE USED
PARLABEL standard parts labels for all parts dot matrix   partmast.dbf
PARLAB2X standard parts labels for all parts laser pr     partmast.dbf
CPARLAB  custom parts labels for all parts,prod,pn        partmast.dbf
BOMLB    standard parts labels for an assy dot matrix     bomtemp.dbf
BOMLB2X  standard parts labels for an assy laser pr       bomtemp.dbf
CUSBOMLB custom parts labels for an assy                  bomtemp.dbf
RECLABEL standard parts label for a receiver              receive.dbf
RECLAB2X standard parts labels for a receiver              receive.dbf
CRECLAB  custom parts labels for an assembly               receive.dbf                 
ADDRLBS  pin fed standard address label 15/16x3-1/2       addrbook.dbf
ADDRLBM  laser standard address label 4"x2-7/8"           addrbook.dbf
ADDRLBMS2 pin fed standard address label 4"x2-7/8"        addrbook.dbf
CUSADRXX custom address labels (version 6.80 and higher)  addrbook.dbf 
CUSTADRX custom address labels (version 6.80 and higher)  addrbook.dbf

15.4.3 Adding Bar Code Fonts to Custom Labels, Forms, and Reports

Barcodes can be added to pc/MRP labels, forms, and reports by installing pc/MRP's $149.00 optional True Type bar code font into Windows Font file (Select Main, Control Panel, Fonts, Add, and enter the location of the barcode font A: for example). To modify a report or label use pc/MRP's report generator, select the related data base file, select the report, select the variable, select object such as part number, select font, select the bar code font. The bar code font should be 26 points or higher and should not be printed out in bold. The 3 of 9 font requires that the variable be entered as:
"*" + ALLTRIM(PARTNO) + "*"

The above example is for the variable PARTNO.

To create a custom part label with a bar coded part number you would.

Go to the configuration menu, select next window, select report writer
Select Label
Select PARLABTMP.DBF as your dbf file, click on Use
Select PARLABEL.LBX as your label, click on open
Click on the part number object, select FONT, select BC 39 3/1 HD medium, regular, 26 points
Click on the part number object and change it from partno to read
"*" + ALLTRIM(PARTNO) + "*"

To print your custom part number labels

Go to the Inventory Module, select labels, select all part numbers, select custom

15.4.4 Clearing the save environment feature on FoxPro for Windows reports

FoxPro for Windows reports save the name of the dbf files that were open when the report was created or last run. This feature can inhibit customizing the report if several dbf files were open when the report was last run or created. If several data base files were open at the time, the report may pick the wrong dbf file to open when you try to view your modifications. To turn off the "save environment" feature, open up the report using the modify report command in FoxPro’s command window and follow the steps listed below:

Click on report
Click on page layout
Click on environment
Click on clear
Click on ok
Click on file
Click on save

Reopen the report and repeat the above process, if you were successful you will see the environments clear and restore buttons are now disabled. Go ahead and click on cancel. Now you will have to enter the related dbf file manually prior to modifying the report, however it will be the correct dbf file.

15.4.5 Opening an additional related database file when printing/displaying a report

The following modifications should only be made by a person who is familiar with dbase and FoxPro commands.

This section explains how to open up another related database file when running a report for the purpose of printing out data from the original database file and the related database file. For example, a user may wish to have a custom sales order report print/display the drawing number for each sales order listed in the report. The drawing number is not in the sales.dbf, so the user must modify pc/MRP such that the partmast.dbf file is open and related to the sales.dbf file when ever that report is run. To make the modifications follow the steps listed below:

pc/MRP versions 6.80 to 6.85A


pc/MRP versions 6.85B and higher


pc/MRP versions 7.06B, 7.43C and Higher

= relate ("partmast") Sets a relation with the inventory database.
= relate ("addrbook") Sets a relation with the address book database.
= relate () Sets a relation with both the inventory and address book database.

pc/MRP versions 7.05E and 7.50A and Higher


15.4.6 Setting an additional filter when printing/displaying a report

The following modifications should only be made by a person who is familiar with dbase and FoxPro commands.

This section explains how to get a custom report to prompt for an additional filter condition. For example, a user may wish to have a custom bill of materials report that lists only part numbers that start with the prefix "33-". To make the modifications follow the steps listed below:

pc/MRP versions below 7.00C

o                            [CUSBOMVE.FRX]
o                            ~IN~
§         DO APNDFIL WITH "PARTNO","Enter part of the part number"

pc/MRP versions 7.00C and higher

o                            ~IN~
o                            DO APNDFIL WITH "PARTNO","Enter part of the part number"
With pc/MRP versions 7.54D and higher, users can use numeric and or logical fields not just text fields.  When users run the report, users will be prompted for the default value (1) and the operator (>).
If the filter is a text field:
1.       contains
2.       does not contain
3.       start with
4.       is equal to
5.       is not equal to
            If the filter is a numeric or date field:
1.       not equal to
2.       less than
3.       less than or equal to
4.       equal to
5.       greater than or equal to
6.       greater than
To set the defaults with version 7.54 users can add a default value and operator.  For example, in the above example, users could enter
   DO APNDFIL WITH “DESCRIPT”, “Enter a Description”, “BEARING”, 1
When the report is printed pc/MRP will pop up a window asking the user to enter a description with a default entered of BEARING. 

15.4.7 Email and HTML Files

Email and HTML forms can only be modified by personnel at Software Arts. Software Arts can send you a custom fxp file containing your modifications .

Modules                       Std Fxp File                     Custom fxp 
Sales/Sales Quote/Work Order EMSO.FXP                          CEMSO.FXP
Purchases                     EMPO.FXP                         CEMPO.FXP
Receivers                     EMREC.FXP                        CEMREC.FXP
Purchase request              EMREQ.FXP                        CEMREQ.FXP
Invoices                      EMINV.FXP                     CEMINV.FXP

The custom fxp files would be copied into the main pcmrpw directory.

15.4.8 Converting custom 16 bit report forms to 32 bit report forms

Installing an update to a 32 bit version of pc/MRP will copy in all new 32 bit standard report forms. Starting pc/MRP for the first time after installing the update will convert all non 32 bit reports, Custom and Standard, to 32 bit.

To individually convert a 16 bit report to 32 bit, open the command line and enter