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16.2.1† Advanced Password Module Overview


pc/MRP's Advanced Password Module (available as an optional module on pc/MRP for Windows version 6.53A and higher), allows an infinite number of user name and password combinations. Each name and password combination can be assigned individual rights to each pc/MRP module. A user can have N No Access, V View only rights, E Edit and create rights, or D for deletion rights to a module. pc/MRP versions 7.40 and higher encrypt the password database file.

16.2.2 Installing the Advanced
Password Module

To install PASSWORD, select Configuration, Module Activation, then Password from the menu. Call Software Arts for the special configuration number (Software Arts will invoice your company). Enter the special configuration number when prompted. Exit pc/MRP and then re-enter pc/MRP using the name MASTER and the password MASTER. Go to pc/MRP's Main Menu and select the Advanced Password Module. Select New to create a new user/password combination. Enter an N for No Access, V for View only rights, E for edit and create rights, or D for deletion rights to a module. To add a new user/password while in the scroll window, press Control+N.

Select Delete, to delete a user. pc/MRP will display a scrollable browse window displaying all the users and their passwords. Click on the box to the left of the users name. The box will turn black indicating it has been marked for deletion. Click on the upper left box to complete the deletion and remove the record from disk.

Please note that one of the passwords, named MASTER, has all access rights to all modules including the password module. You can change the name of MASTER, however you should leave one password with access rights to all modules including the password module. This will allow the network supervisor to be able to change the passwords in the future if necessary.

If users add a text file named csthdr.flg to the pcmrpw directory, the password module will allow both upper and lower case e and v to be entered. Using lower case letters will hide some of the costs and selling price fields in the inventory, stockroom and receiving modules. This feature is not supported and or guaranteed.

Starting on version 7.01B and higher users need D rights to re-index files.

Starting in version 7.55, individual users have the ability to change their own passwords by selecting Change Password of the Current User.† The user will be prompted to enter the current password, enter the new password, and confirm the new password.

pc/MRPís Command Window can only be used by users with delete rights to the Password Module.