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16.14.1 Routing Module Overview


pc/MRP's Routing Module allows you to create routing records. You can then move and track work orders and sales orders through the factory floor from work station to work station.

16.14.2 Activating the Routing Module

To activate the module, select Configuration, Module Activation, then Routing from the menu, and enter a special configuration number obtained from Software Arts.

16.14.3 Creating a Routing Record for a Sales/Work Order

When ever a sales or work order is issued to manufacturing using the stockroom's "I" type "Issue to manufacturing" option, a routing record for that sales/work order is created. The quantity at area 1 is the same as the quantity issued and the quantity on the sales order.

16.14.4 Setting up the Routing Module

Routing Module Settings Screen


Selecting "Settings" will open the "Router Module Settings Screen" shown above. This screen allows you to setup your routing module as follows:

16.14.5 Entering a Movement on a Sales/Work Order Routing Record

Enter Routing Record


You can display a routing record for a sales/work order by selecting the "Enter Movement" option on the routing menu. Enter or "Scroll" for the sales/work order you wish to display. The "Enter Movement" screen provides the following options:

16.14.6 Routing Reports

Selecting Optional, Routing, and Reports brings up the following screen:



The following reports are available in the routing module.

The reports can be parsed by a Date Range:

Reports can also include or be grouped by:

Sorted By:

The report output options include:

The report utilizes the Routing.DBF and format options include: