Tracking Serial Numbers

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pc/MRP provides several methods to track serial numbers. Any or all of the methods listed below can be used.

The Address Book Module can be used to track serial numbers simply by entering the serial number into the comments field of the customer address record. Editing and Displaying the customer's address record would bring up his serial number(s). By the same token if you wanted to find a customer who has a specified serial number you could find the customer by selecting Option 6, 'Print and Display Addresses Matching A Partial Description', from the Address Book's Main Menu. Press Enter until you reach 'Enter a partial description of text in the comment field'. Enter the serial number and press . Select either printout or display and the customer's address will be printed out or displayed.

The Sales Order, Receiver and Invoice Modules can record the serial number of an item by entering the serial number into the 15 character Serial Number Field. Sales Orders, Invoices and Shippers can be configured to print out the Serial Number or Model Number using the Configuration Menu's Change Boiler Plate Option. Version 5.88 added the report option to print out All Receivers, Sales Orders and Invoices for a Serial Number.

The Stock Transaction Module can be used to track serial numbers by answering "Y" to tracking lot numbers and then enter the serial number into the lot number field. The Stock Room Reporting Module will provide a record of all transaction for a specified lot number (serial number).

pc/MRP can use the optional module, Serial/Lot Number, that allows the user to issue, invoice, receive and track an infinite number serial or lot numbers per line item. In fact., each item in inventory can have a serial number and be issued, received, and shipped by serial number.