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17.5.1 Watcom WIN386 not running on a 386 DPI implementation error msg appears

17.5.2 pc/MRP says Record does not exist

17.5.3 pc/MRP says Can not save record, record has been edited by another

17.5.4 Can not bring up a record (partnumber with a lower case alpha character) from the scroll list

17.5.5 pc/MRP for Windows brings up a blank record instead of the record you selected

17.5.6 Address and PO log book files keep asking if you wish to convert the files

17.5.7 pc/MRP for Windows requires excessive key strokes to process records

17.5.8 Variable not found


17.5.9 Dialog box asks "Overwrite invalid foxuser file"

17.5.10 pc/MRP freezes up

Corrective action:

Call Software Arts for update.

17.5.11 Internal Inconsistency Error Message

17.5.12 Stack Fault Error Message

17.5.13 Letter of Floppy Drive You Are Installing From Message.

17.5.14 Macro Overflow.

17.5.15 Library file is invalid

17.5.16 Record has been edited by another.

17.5.17 Cost roll-up and exploded BOMs contain incorrect dollar amounts.

17.5.18 Can not edit a document.

17.5.19 Can not delete a document.

17.5.20 Highlighting a part in a BOM displays another partnumber.

17.5.21 MSG.DBF does not have an entry for (Name of menu item.)

17.5.22 Running option 43, Repair invalid memo file, deletes the file being repaired.

17.5.23 pc/MRP field contains nothing but asterisks or stars (numeric overflow).

17.5.24 When scrolling for something (Inventory or BOMs), pressing enter does not open the selected file.

17.5.25 Dates contain day and month, but are missing the century after updating to a Y2K version of pc/MRP.

17.5.26 Insufficient memory when editing Address Book.



17.5.27 Part number in a BOM is not Issued when Running the Stockroom Issue Function.

17.5.28 When priinting a BOM an incorrect part number displays or prints out in every BOM.

17.5.29 Browser location changes for everybody when individual user changes his browser location.

17.5.30 A Bill of Materials Became mixed-up after Entering and or Editing the BOM.