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17.6.1 Windows version of pc/MRP appears in a small window in upper left portion of screen

pc/MRP is designed to completely fill a VGA screen (640x480). Running pc/MRP in SVGA (800x600) or higher mode, will allow pc/MRP to appear in a smaller screen in the upper left portion of the screen If you do not have a high resolution screen that is 14" or larger, the characters may appear to small. To change your display setting, enter the Windows setup program from the DOS prompt by typing setup in the Windows directory, select display, select VGA or 800x600x16. In other cases you may have a special screen driver with it's own icon found in the main group icon. Click on the icon and select VGA or 640X480. Some of the more expensive video cards allow you to increase the font size without changing the resolution. In this case you would simply increase the font size. One advantage of running pc/MRP in a higher resolution mode is that you can keep several active programs on your screen at the same time including multiple copies of pc/MRP. You can then move and resize any of the active programs on your screen including pc/MRP.

17.6.2 Windows version of pc/MRP appears to large for your screen

pc/MRP is designed to completely fill a VGA screen (640x480). If you are running an older EGA or Hercules Monochrome Monitor try to your screen to VGA mode. Enter the Windows setup program from the DOS prompt by typing setup in the Windows directory, select display, select VGA or VGA with Monochrome display provided your monitor can support VGA resolution.

17.6.3 Windows version of pc/MRP breaks up when you are entering data

If you are running in 800x600x256 colors mode, switch to 800x600x16 colors or VGA. To change your display, enter the Windows setup program from the DOS prompt (by typing setup in the Windows directory, select display, select VGA or 800x600x16.

17.6.4 Cursor jumps around when scrolling a data base file

Reindex the data base file that is being scrolled.

17.6.5 Reports do not print out or display correctly with Windows version of pc/MRP

17.6.6 Forms such as invoices, POs, etc. take a long time to begin printing or displaying

Forms such as invoices, receivers, POs, and sales orders should display or begin printing out within 29 seconds unless the data base file contains corrupt records. To check and repair the database file make a backup copy for safe keeping then use Xtree Gold to view the file, select HEX, select Search, Search on 1A (end of file marker). There should be only one 1A string in the HEX portion of file and that is at the end of the file. If you come across a 1A string in the HEX portion of the file before the end of the file, edit the 1A and put 20 in its place (blank character). Then use Norton Utilities File Fix to edit out any remaining corruption by replacing the corrupt data with blank characters. In addition you can order an update, the form printing code was changed to minimize the effect of corruption with version w6.36y and 6.49i or higher. The revised versions will begin displaying/printing out forms within 11 seconds regardless of corruption.

17.6.7 HP Deskjet printer does not print out multiple copies

You are not using an up to date HP Deskjet print driver. Call HP (not microsoft) and order the latest HP Deskjet print driver version 6.1 or higher.

17.6.8 Print outs are too slow on a dot matrix printers with pc/MRP for Windows

When you get to the print window, select a lower resolution or draft printout.

If you own a laser printer you can print out the wide carriage reports by pre loading the laser printer with legal size paper. When you get to the print window, select landscape and legal size paper. If laser printer does not have a legal size tray but can accept legal size paper you must configure it to accept legal size paper by following the directions listed below:


To reset the printer back to letter size as follows:

17.6.9 pc/MRP locks up when trying to print/display a form.

17.6.10 Barcode printout can not be read by a bar code wand

The bar code font should be 26 points or higher and should not be printed out in bold. The 3 of 9 font requires that the variable be entered as:
"*" + ALLTRIM(PARTNO) + "*"
The above example is for the variable PARTNO

17.6.11 Totals do not print out on the bottom of forms (POs, Invoices, etc.)

Recreate the boiler plate for those forms using option 22 in the configuration menu.

17.6.12 Numeric values do not print out on form

If you have leading blank spaces in the invoice number, edit and fill the blank spaces with leading 0s.

17.6.13 Form contains fields from another record

Delete the database reference for the field. For example purchase.modelno should be just modelno.



17.6.14 Line items no longer are in order or exist after entering a PO or Sales Order

Create a pcmrpw directory in a work station, copy all of the files from the server's pcmrpw directory into the work station's pcmrpw directory. If the work station can create multiple line item POs and Sales Orders, the network must be carefully examined.

17.6.15 Right side of forms and or reports are cut off on the Okidata printers.

If the user has version 6.73 they can download a file named form673.exe from the Technical Support section of the pc/MRP web-page.

17.6.16 Printing out a line item form goes into an endless loop.

If you have pc/MRP version 6.73av or lower update to the latest version.

17.6.17 Printouts and editing BOMs takes a long time.

17.6.18 Buttons are missing from screen.

Foxfont.fon is missing, corrupt, or not marked read only. Locate the foxfont.fon make sure it is attributed read only. If it is missing restore this file from a backup. If after locating and attributing the file read only, pc/MRP still does not work, restore foxfont.fon from a backup.

17.6.19 BOM report displays more parts than are in the BOM.

Some BOM and partnumbers are longer than the partnumber length set in the Settings and Utilities. Change the partnumber lenth in the Settings and Utilities to be large enough to include the longest partnumber.

17.6.20 Displaying or printing a report, form, or, label gives you an "Alias not found" error message.

The report or form contains a reference to a file (.bmp or .dbf) that does not exist. This error can occur when pc/MRP interprets file names because the 16-bit version only accepted 8 character names while the 32-bit version accepts larger names. To fix this, open the report form that has this error using option 24 in the settings and utilities. Then, remap the image or table to the form. This will save the full true mapping.

17.6.21 Reports and forms require the printer's print button to be pressed to print.

This can occur in versions 7.41A-7.50M. To correct this update to 7.50P or higher and enter the following command in the command line: FRXHPFIXALL()[Enter]. This function will clear everything from the Tag1, Tag2 fields, and Expr fields with the exception of leaving the orientation in the Expr field.

17.6.22 Reports print with large fonts.

Do not print from the display window tool bar icon. Instead, select print from the menu bar. You may need to close the display window to see the print dialog window.


17.6.23 Running 16-bit report with 32-bit version of pc/MRP.

This will cause an error when running the report as well as an error 50 when opening the report using option 24. See error 50 for the fix.