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I.  pc/MRP Overview and Implementation


1.      pc/MRP Introduction

2.      Installing pc/MRP

3.      pc/MRP Tutorial

3..2   Implementing pc/MRP


II.  pc/MRP Modules


4.      Address Book Module

5.      Inventory Module

5.2    Inventory Flow Model

6.      Physical Inventory and Cycle Count Module

7.      Purchasing Module

8.      Receiving Module

9.      Sales Order (Order Entry)

10.    Invoice Module

11.    Stockroom Module

12.    Bill of Materials Module

13.    Work Order Module

14.1. Accounting Overview

14.2.   Implementing pc/MRP Accounting

14.3.   Chart of Accounts Module

14.4.   General Ledger Module

14.5.   Example Transactions

14.6.   Post the Month with Financials

14.7.   Accounting Report Module

14.8.   Accounts Payable Module

14.9.   Accounts Receivable Module

14.10.  Credit MemoModule

14.11.  Debit Memo Module

14.12.  Sales Deposits

14.13.  Purchase Deposits

14.14.  Print/Clear Checks

14.15.  Term Discounts

14.16.  Factored Invoices

14.17.  1099MISC and 1096 IRS Tax Forms

14.18.  Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement (Positive Pay) Option


III.  pc/MRP Settings, Utilities, and Special Cases


15.1.   Settings and Utilities Module

15.2.   Backup Methods

15.3.   Creating Macros in pc/MRP

15.4.   Custom Report and Label Making

15.5.   Transferring Data out of pc/MRP

15.6.   Creating Practice and What if Directories

15.7.   Windows NT Server Administration

15.8.   Converting from a Trial to a Large Business

15.9.   Special Cases (RMA, Outside Manufacturing, Non-stocking Rep)

15.10.  Transferring Data from Peachtree or QuickBooks into pc/MRP

15.11.  Importing Data Files

15.12.  Tracking Serial Numbers

15.13.  Automatically Updating pc/MRP (Version 6.78 or Higher)

15.14.  Scroll Window Query Builder


IV.  pc/MRP Optional Modules


16.1.  pc/MRP Optional Modules

16.2.  Advanced Password Module

16.3.   Infinite Bucket MRP Module (MPS)

16.4.   Barcode Module

16.5.   Engineering Change Notice Module (ECN)

16.6.   Sales Analysis Module

16.7.   Sales Quote Module

16.8.   Audit Trail Module

16.9.   Purchase Request Module

16.10  Serial Lot Number Tracking Module

16.11. Employee Time Sheet Module

16.12. Alternate Currency Module

16.13. Inspection Module

16.14. Routing Module

16.15. Customer Bulk E-Mailer

16.16. QuickBooks Export Module


V.  pc/MRP Troubleshooting


17.2.  pc/MRP Troube Shooting Tricks

17.3.  General Protection Fault and Freeze-up Problems

17.4.  Error Messages with Numbers

17.5.  Error Messages without Numbers

17.6.  Print/Display Problems

17.7.  Start-up and Update Problems

17.8.  Accounting Problems

17.9.  Inventory Adjustment Problems

17.10. pc/MRP is Running Slow

17.11. pc/MRP Training CD Problems