Using VNC Remote Access

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15.8.1 Overview


A program named VNC can be used for the following purposes:


Allow you to access a computer at work to use pc/MPR or any other application. Allow a remote location to access a computer at work to use pc/MRP.

Allow technical support at Software Arts to access and trouble shoot pc/MRP.



15.8.2 Requirements


Both the PC at work (should be a workstation and not the server) and the remote PC must be a must have WinVNC installed and both must have an available internet connection.



15.8.3 Installation


You can download WinVNC from pc/MRP’s website at  Click on Technical Support and select Virtual Network Computing.   Download the file, vnc3r7.exe (VNC version 3 revision 7), into a folder named vnc.  Double click or right click on the vnc3r7.exe file and extract it to a folder named vnc37r   After the extraction the vnc3r7 folder will contain a folder named 3_3_3r7.  This folder will contain 3 subfolders.   Go to the winvnc subfolder and double click on the setup.exe file.  VNC is now installed


15.8.4 Running VNC


To allow access to a computer, click on Window’s Start Button, select Programs, select VNC, and select Run WinVNC(AppMode).    If you are running VNC for the first time, the default settings screen will be displayed.   Enter a password and leave the remaining settings in their default mode.   VNC will start and display a small icon containing the letters VNC in your lower task bar.   Placing your cursor over the icon will display your computer’s IP address.   The remote computer trying to access this computer will need both the password and the IP address.


To access a remote computer, click on Window’s Start Button, select Programs, select VNC, and select Run VNC Viewer, enter the remote computer’s IP address and password when prompted.   If you are running over a slow dial up line, you can speed up screen displays by selecting Options, and check Restrict pixels to 8 bit.