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16.1.0 Optional Modules

There are several optional modules available in pc/MRP. Most of these optional modules are testable both in the trial and full versions of pc/MRP. Below is a brief description of each optional module. For further information about each module you can refer to the specific chapter for each optional module.

Optional Module Activation

Optional Modules can be activated by following the instructions below.


For users on the trial, simply select Configuration, Module Activation , and the desired module. Select Ten Day trial. Now from the drop down menu optional you will see that applicable optional module activated. Modules activated while on the trial do not expire. When the software is converted to a full version they will simply be turned off until they are purchased.

Users that have a full version of pc/MRP can activate optional modules for ten days by following the instructions above. To purchase an optional module and receive the activation codes for that module contact Software Arts.

Advanced Password Module

pc/MRP comes standard with one password. The optional Advanced Password Module allows administrators to define usernames, passwords, and individual rights per module for users of pc/MRP.

Infinite Bucket MRP Module (Scheduling)

pc/MRP comes standard with a one bucket MRP. The Single Bucket MRP does not schedule buy, issue, and make commands. The Optional Infinite Bucket MRP Module schedules buy, issue, and make commands according to due dates, lead times for assembly, and lead times from vendors.

Barcode Module

pc/MRP does not come standard with a Barcode Font. When customers purchase this module they receive the 3 of 9 barcode font. This font allows users to change existing fonts in pc/MRP to the 3 of 9 font.

Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Module

This optional module allows users to keep track of ECNs.

Sales Analysis Module

This optional module has several reports that are not available through the standard reports found in pc/MRP.

Sales Quote Module

This optional module allows users to provide sales quotes to potential customers and convert these quotes over to real sales orders as desired.




Audit Trail Module

This optional module allows administrators to track all edits made in pc/MRP. (Excluding Accounting) Once this module is activated all edits made will have a Name, Date, Time, and Edit made stamp.

Purchase Request Module

This optional module allows users to create external RFQs or internal purchase requests and convert them to real purchase orders as desired.

Serial/Lot Number Tracking Module

pc/MRP comes standard with the ability to track one serial or lot number per line item. The optional Serial/Lot Number Tracking Module allows users to track an infinite number of serial numbers per line item.

Employee Time Tracking Module

This optional module allows users to create labor records per employee, sales order, or work order.

Alternate Currency Module

This optional module allows users to create sales orders and purchase orders in different currencies.

Inspection Module

This optional module allows users to define and enter inspection criteria, perform inspections, and run inspection reports.


Routing Module

This optional module allows users to have 25 Workstations in WIP.


Customer Bulk E-Mailer Module

This optional module utilizes the address book to allow users to send newsletters, advertisements, or other types of documents in bulk to specified address types.† (Customers, Vendors, Employees)

QuickBooks Export Module

This optional module allows users routinely export AP, AR, inventory, and address data out of pc/MRP and import into QuickBooks.

Corporate Enterprise Reporting Module Overview

The Corporate Enterprise Module allows companies to

         Select one of three methods to have their parts list and BOMs automatically synchronized (including all indexes) across the world in real time.

         Switch from one division to another by selecting that division from the drop down menu.

        Print out consolidated financial reports for all divisions, business units, and the entire corporation.   Currencies are automatically reconciled if pc/MRPís Alternate Currency Module is active.