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17.8.1 pc/MRP can not close the month

17.8.2 Entering a partial payment into accounting shows the full amount paid on Invoices and Receivers

17.8.3 Variable not found

17.8.4 End of year and or end of month balances are incorrect

17.8.5 Check reconciliation report does not make sense

17.8.6 Trial Balance does not balance by the amount of the profit for the month

17.8.7 Trial Balance YTD Retained Earnings does not match YTD Returned Earnings in the Balance Sheet and YTD Retained Earnings in the Expense and Revenue Report

17.8.8 Accounts Payable Report prints out date with first 2 digits of the year causing everything to appear over 90 day column.

17.8.9 Checks take a long time to printout.

17.8.10 Check number is not retained when you do an E or P type accounting transaction.

17.8.11 Paybills option does not display any bills to be paid.

17.8.12 Entering an I, E, O, R, P, or S transaction displays an error message: "NOT FOUND IN TEMPLATE DBF FILE."

17.8.13 Can not reprint checks.

17.8.14 YTD Retained Earnings Amount in the Balance Sheet do not match the YTD Retained Earnings Total in the YTD Expense and Revenue Report.

17.8.15 Transaction numbers have jumped to a higher number or a wierd number.

17.8.16 Summary Accounts Receivable report displays "Error- Unma".

17.8.17 Transaction number shows up twice in GL report.