Inventory Adjustment Problems

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17.9.1 pc/MRP does not adjust the inventory correctly

17.9.2 On order quantity not adjusted correctly

On order qtys are adjusted to 0 when running purchasing's audit PO and adjust onorder qtys.
Edit that part number and check PO Ratio. If it is set to 0, replace with 1.

17.9.3 Inventory Movement Report Starting Date Contains the Incorrect Quantities.

17.9.4 Entering a receiver does not adjust the partmaster's onhand quantity correctly.

pc/MRP versions 7.02 and higher will display an error message if any of the above occurrs. If the wrong part number was increased in version 7.02 and higher, pc/MRP will automatically restore the wrong part number's quantity. Special code was created for Eflow creates a record of every adjustment in the Audit Trail module. To display a recird of the onhand adjustment, select "Audit Trail, select the "User" window, enter user as "R" plus the receiver number and the last 3 digits of the item number (example: R123456001) and click on the "Search" button.