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17.7.1 pc/MRP having trouble starting up and or installing

17.7.2 pc/MRP update fails to go through

17.7.3 "User does not have modify rights" message appears

17.7.4 "FOXTOOLS.FLL DOES NOT EXIST" error message appears

17.7.5 Divide by zero, overflow and invalid error message appears

17.7.6 Error 1705 message appears

17.7.7 "Microsoft Product in Use by Another" error appears

17.7.8 "Unable to find the remote location" error appears.

The remote.mem file containing the path to the server is invalid or non-executable. Delete the remote.mem file in the pcmrpw directory if there is not a remote location. To change the path for the remote location go to the Configuration Menu, select About pc/MRP, and press Ctrl-R.

17.7.9 "Can not locate support library" error appears.

Either the foxw2600.esl or foxtools.fll has been attributed as a systems file. Unattribute the two files using the following command at the DOS prompt: attrib -s foxw2600.esl [press enter] attrib -s foxtools.fll [press enter]

17.7.10 Error 108 Message Appears

The read-only window on the last floppy is open. Close the window, re-insert the floppy, and re-start pc/MRP.

17.7.11 Invalid library file

Close all programs and reboot the computer displaying this message.

17.7.12 "The file containing the user rights, is not present. Should the file be recreated?"error message appears

The password database file has been deleted. Call Software Arts for the password authorization code number. The password data base will be recreated with a single Master Master entry. Names and passwords must be re-entered into pc/MRP's password module.

17.7.13 pc/MRP's opening screen displays a different version number than pc/MRP's "About pc/MRP" screen

pc/MRP's config.mem file contain erroneous information. Run clrconfg.exe from Window's Explorer by double clicking on it.

17.7.14 "Enter the password recreation authorization code" error message appears

pc/MRP's advanced password database file has been deleted. Restore pw.dbf from a backup copy of your pcmrp directory or call Software Arts for the Password Recreation Authorization Code. If the Password Recreation Authorization Code is used, the password database file will be recreated with a single "Master","Master administrator entry in it. All the user passwords and rights will have to be re-entered.

17.7.15 User has forgotten his password

17.7.16 Error Rendering Drive K

17.7.17 "Install Disk 2" message appears.

17.7.18 "Version Mismatch" error message appears.

17.7.19 "Error Occurred when attempting to connect to HTML driver" error message appears.

17.7.20 "Visual FoxPro can not Create Program Work Space Temp File" error message appears.

User has read only rights ot the PC’s temp folder does not exist.  To find your computer’s Temp folder select, Control Panel, System, and Advanced or Environment.  If the displayed temp folder does not exist, create it.  If it does exist, make sure it is not marked as a system or hidden folder.  You can remove the system attribute by entering the following command from the DOS prompt: c:\attrib –s temp or whatever your temp folder is named.