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15.2.1 Backup Strategy

Data that has been stolen, damaged, or is found to be corrupt can be easily recovered by simply having a backup. A strong backup method is essential to the success of every company. The question is not if you will need a backup, but when. It is just a matter of time until a hard-drive fails, data is intentionally or unintentionally erased, or a power surge simply crunches the data. You will need to also make backups before performing updates and or manual updates.

To prevent data loss from occurring, simply make a backup. pc/MRP unlike most programs does not write to the registry and thus can be backed-up by copying the entire pc/MRP folder. As such the data can be completely recovered by copying back the backup made or copying back specific files. By following the backup method outlined below you will have the best chances to recover data if it is necessary.

Step One

Select a good medium to store your backups. Many customers use anything from  CDRWs to Zip drives and Tape Backups. Certainly tape backups are fine, but we do recommend CD ROMs, Zip drives or Jazz drives. Tape backups are a little slow and do not last as long as CD ROMs, and ZIP and Jazz drives. Furthermore, it is essential not to use an incremental or compressed backup method. To make a backup of pc/MRP simply copy the entire folder. A zip disk costs less than $10.00.

Step Two

With whatever medium you select use at least four different disks.

Using this alternating method allows users to go back days if not weeks to recover data. This also makes sure we are not writing over our last good backup.



Step Three

To prepare pc/MRP for a Backup re-index all files and check for corruption. To do this select Modules, Settings and Utilities, and option 27.

Step Four

Simply make your backup. You can do this through windows or DOS. Do not drag and drop files. Use the CTRL-C and CTRL-V commands.  Do not write over existing backup data. Always delete the existing backup and then write to that disk. Do not do incremental backups. Do not compress backups. Do not randomly shut-off your computer. Always shut down your computer the right way. Always store one of your recent backups off site.


15.2.2 Quick Backups


pc/MRP versions 7.53C and higher allow users to make quick backups of the data files in pc/MRP by using option 73 in the Settings and Utilities.  This option should not be used as a replacement of full rotational backups as discussed above.