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15.3.1 Purpose of Macros

Macros are created by the end user to simplify data entry and or processing procedures. Macros through the use of user defined keystrokes perform repetitive procedures with several steps in one keystroke. When used properly and effectively macros are a powerful tool that greatly increases office efficiency.

15.3.2 A Few Suggestions Before Making the Macro

15.3.2 Creating Macros

Macros are created by selecting Tools then Macros from the main menu or by pressing ALT-F9. pc/MRP will first ask for the Macro Key Definition. This defines the keys you wish to use to perform the macro. We suggest using the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt keys in combination with other keys on the keyboard. Once the Macro Key Definition has been chosen; by pressing Enter recording of the macro begins. Use the keyboard to record from beginning to end the exact task(s) you wish the macro to perform in the exact order they are to be performed. Recording of the macro ends by pressing ALT-F9.
After pressing ALT-F9 the Stop Recording Macro screen appears. By pressing Enter the macro is complete.

15.3.3 Changing Existing Macros

An existing macro can be changed by simply choosing the same Macro Key Definition after selecting Tools then Macro from the drop down menu or pressing ALT-F9. This will prompt the user to overwrite or append the existing macro.

15.3.4 Macro Trouble Shooting

Macros are not working after following the steps above.