Print/Clear Checks, Recording Hand Checks and Electronic Funds Payments

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14.14.0 Overview


This module allows users to print, reprint, clear and unclear checks, hand checks, electronic funds payments and print remittance reports. Step 1, Pay Bills, Select Pay Bills, Print Checks from the menu


The Pay Bills option will allow you to select from a list of open (Complete field does not contain a Y) receivers and AP vouchers to be paid from a scrollable window.    This option allows you print checks or register payments (debit AP, credit Checking) for hand checks and electronic funds payments.   


To print out checks, register hand checks and electronic funds payments select Modules, Accounting, Pay Bills/Print/Clear checks and Select Pay Bills Print Checks as shown on the screen above. Step 2, Pay Bills, Select Age of Receivers and AP Vouchers and Bank Account Chart of Accounts




The accounts payable default screen shown above will allow you to set the minimum age of open  (Complete Field does not contain a Y) receivers and accounts payable vouchers to select from.


Checking Include Posted Only will allow you make sure only receivers and AP vouchers that have been posted (with an I type transaction debiting inventory or expense and crediting AP) will be considered for payment.  


Enter the Bank Chart of Account # and press the OK Button.


pc/MRP looks for a file named lastclos.mem, which contains the month and year that pc/MRP was last closed. If pc/MRP cannot find this file or if the last close did not occur in the current year, pc/MRP will prompt you to enter the balance in the checking account manually. If pc/MRP does find a good current close, it will use the ending balance of last month it was closed and calculate the current balance of the checking account using the checking transactions from the current month found in the accounting transaction file. Step 3, Pay Bills, Select Receivers and AP Vouchers to be paid




To process (debit AP and credit Checking) receivers, AP vouchers and print checks, select Print Checks Now as shown below.


To process (debit AP and credit Checking) receivers, AP vouchers that were paid by hand check or electronic funds payment, select  Assign Hand Checks or Reference Numbers.


Please note that you can either print and process checks or process hand checks and electronic funds.  You can not do both at the same time.


If you selected Print Checks Now,  select the receivers and AP vouchers you wish to print checks for.  Load the checks into your printer and press the OK Button.


If you selected Assign Hand Checks or Reference Numbers, select the all the receivers and AP vouchers you wish to process.   Enter the hand check number or the electronic fund payment reference number for each receiver or AP voucher selected.    Press the OK Button (No checks will be printed).


In both cases, an E type transaction (debit AP, credit Checking) will entered for each receiver or AP voucher you selected.


With pc/MRP version 8.00K and higher, there is a “Show Print Check Dialog” checkbox which will allow you to stop at each check prior to printing the check. Step 4, Pay Bills, Print a Remittance List


In both cases, you will be asked if you wish to print out a Remittance List (a list of receivers and AP Vouchers that were processed. 


14.14.2 Print Unprinted Checks


The Print Unprinted Checks option will allow you to print checks for accounting transactions that have been entered, but no check was ever printed. pc/MRP will give you the option of select "Pick from all open accounting transactions" or "Build your own list" of accounting transactions to print checks for. If you have a small transact.dbf file, and know the receiver numbers, it is faster to use the "Pick" option. If you have a large transact.dbf file and know the transaction numbers, it is faster to use the "Build" option. The "Pick" option will allow you to select from any transaction that has credited the checking account and whose check printed (ChkPrnted) and cleared (cleared) fields do not contain a "Y". The "Build" option will allow you to enter any transaction number, be careful to select only E (accounts payable expense) or P (cash purchase) type transactions. Both options will consolidate multiple transactions from the same vendor and automatically print out a single check for each vendor.


14.14.3 Print Old Check


The Print Old Checks option will allow you to reprint checks for accounting transactions that have already have already had a check printed out. Simply enter the check number you wish to be reprinted. The check number can be changed at this time if needed. If the check number is changed, it is changed in all transactions where the old check number was used. 

14.14.4 Clear Checking Transactions


To clear checks and deposits, select Modules, Accounting, Pay Bills, and Clear Checking Transactions.   pc/MRP will then allow you to check checks and deposits that have been cleared by the bank as per the screen shown below.




This option allows you to scroll and pick from all uncleared transactions (transactions whose cleared field does not equal "Y" and debits or credits the checking chart of account number).   If the transaction database file is large, you must allow quite a bit of time for it to set the filter to display only transactions that debit or credit the checking account.

Once you are finished clearing your checks and deposits, you can run a Check Reconciliation Report to see the difference between pc/MRP’s and the banks checking account balances.   To display or print a Check Reconciliation report , select Modules, Accounting, Reports, and Check Reconciliation Report.


14.14.5 Unclear a Checking Transactions


The Unclear Checks option will allow you to clear a check for a specified transaction number.


14.14.6 Remittance Reports


The Print Remittance Report option will allow you to print a check remittance report for:
(1) A specified transaction number.
(2) A check number range
(3) A date range
(4) All checks for a checking account number
(5) For the last check run


14.14.7 Ordering Laser Checks


pc/MRP's check writing module allows the option of printing either dot matrix checks or laser checks. We do not recommend using the Windows version of pc/MRP to print out Dot Matrix checks

The check-writing module can be preset in the Configuration Menu to use or not use pre-printed check numbers.

Laser checks with your company's pre-printed address can be ordered through Rapid Forms (1-800-257-8354). Or Delux (1-800-328-0304)


When ordering checks specify:

(1) Company Address to be pre-printed
(2) Either pre-numbered checks or blank check numbers
(3) Rapid Forms Check Number LM 102CG-1 (Stub, Check, Stub)

(4) Delux Check Number 081013/6-89


14.14.8 Ordering Check Envelopes


Compatible double window envelopes for either laser or Dot Matrix Checks can be ordered from Rapid Forms (1-800-257-8354). When ordering check envelopes specify: Check Envelope Number CHENV


14.14.9 Selecting a Printer for Checks


pc/MRP will automatically use the default printer to print checks. You must set the printer you wish to print checks with as your default printer. If you do wish to select a printer when printing a check, create a txt file named mltchk.umf with Notepad and place it in your pcmrpw directory.


14.14.10 Check Numbers


When entering a PayBills E, P, or A type transaction, check numbers can only be entered and changed in the Print Check screen and not the Transaction screen. pc/MRP will display the next available check number in the Print Check screen. The user can change the check number. Please remember that pc/MRP will start the check number sequence based upon the last check number used.


When entering an E, P, or A type transaction, the check number will not be displayed.


When editing an E, P, or A type transaction, the check number will  be displayed but NOT editable.


To reprint a check, use the “Reprint Check” option. You can use the original check number or a different check number. If you use a new check number, the original accounting transaction and receiver will contain the new check number. If the new check number is greater that the ‘next available check number’, pc/MRP will restart the check number sequence. If the new check number is less than the ‘next available check number’, pc/MRP will display a warning with an option to go back and change the check number or proceed.


pc/MRP versions 7.92G and higher do not allow more than one person to print checks at the same time.


14.14.11 Remittance Address


It is important to remember that a checking transaction has both a remit-to address ID and a vendor address ID. pc/MRP allows users to select a different remit to address when printing a check. The remit to address (remit_to) is not displayed in the data entry transaction screen.