1099MISC and 1096 IRS Tax Forms

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14.17.1 1099MISC and 1096 IRS Tax Forms Overview


pc/MRP Versions 7.50A and higher have the ability to print 1099MISC and 1096 IRS tax forms. This feature is accessible by selecting the Accounting Module and IRS Tax Forms. This feature allows users to define address entries that require a 1099 form, print and display the forms, define the tax year, threshold, recipient, and a number of other items. When generating the forms, pc/MRP will automatically search through all of the invoices, based on the criteria defined, and print the forms accordingly.


14.17.2 Defining Address Entries that Require a 1099


Each address entry can be defined as requiring a 1099 form by selecting the address desired in the address book module, click on the Sales Contact Info tab, click the check box next to IRS Form 1099 and fill in the Tax ID numbers (federal and state) for the vendorThe check box must be checked and Tax ID number must be populated with at least 7-digits to work correctly.  Having this check box checked will flag pc/MRP to create the necessary forms based on the receivers that were posted to the GL for that vendor.


14.17.3 1099MISC IRS Form




Selecting Modules, Accounting, IRS Tax Forms, Form 1099 Misc. will display the above screen.  Pressing the OK Button (calls Pr1099.prg) will display/print a 1099 MISC form for all vendors or a specified vendor for the selected tax year.    It uses all accounting transactions for the vendor entered during the specified year that contain a credit to the “primary” checking account within the first 5 credits of each transaction.   The vendor’s address book 1099 Form Checkbox must be checked and the vendor’s Tax ID must be 7 characters or greater.  


14.17.4 1096 IRS Tax Form


 Selecting Modules, Accounting, IRS Tax Forms, Form 1096 will display the above screen allowing users to print out one or more 1096 forms for the specified Tax Year. 


14.17.5 Purchasing IRS Tax Forms


IRS 1099MISC and 1096 forms can be purchased at any office supply store. (Office Depot, Stables....) Be sure to purchase forms for the specific tax year that the forms are to be printed for. Tax forms do change year by year.


14.17.6 IRS Tax Forms Troubleshooting


If there are any problems having the forms match correctly to the pc/MRP 1099MISC or 1096 report be sure that the correct year was selected when printing the form. If the forms still do not match after verifying the year, contact Software Arts.

If not matching data is found, make sure the Tax ID and the 1099 check box is checked within the Address entry desired.  Also, make sure the checking account used to pay the 1099 in question is set as the primary checking account in option 9 in Settings and Utilities.