Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement (Positive Pay) Option

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14.18.1 Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement Overview

pc/MRP Versions 7.54D and higher contain the Wells Fargo account reconcilement (Positive Pay) option. This option allows companies to create a file containing all checks written during the date range selected. The file, named Batchxxx.arp, can then be sent over the internet to Wells Fargo. If you implement this program with Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo will only cash checks that have been registered via one of your Batchxxx.arp files. If a check is not in any of your Batchxxx.arp files or the amount of the check differs from the registered check, Wells Fargo will call your company, asking if you wish them to cash the check

14.18.2 Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement Settings


Wells Fargo ARP Settings Screen


Prior to sending your first batch, you must enter your batch settings as follows:

o        Last Batch Number pc/MRP will automatically increment the number, you can however start at a number higher than 1. If you leave the Last Batch Number at 0 when you generate your first batch, pc/MRP will automatically name the batch file "Batch1.ARP".

o        Remote ID (RID) Enter the Remote ID that Wells Fargo assigns your company.

o        Batch ID (BID) Enter the Batch ID that Wells Fargo assigns your company.

o        Export File Path Press the ellipsis button to the right of the Export File Path text box to locate the drive and directory you would like the Batchxxx.arp to be deposited into. The path displayed within the field will be relative to the pc/MRP main folder. An empty field means that the files will be created within the pcmrpw folder.

o        Request a Confirmation File Check the Request a Confirmation File check box if you wish Wells Fargo to send back a confirmation file containing the check numbers included in your batch.

14.18.3 Creating a Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement Batch File


Wells Fargo ARP File Generation Screen


14.18.4 Viewing your Wells Fargo Account Reconcilement Log


Wells Fargo ARP Log Screen


Pressing the View Log, will bring up your Wells Fargo account reconcilement log shown above.

o        The first line of any batch contains the word "Start" followed by the batch number, the starting date and ending date.

o        Had you selected a confirmation file the next line would contain your confirmation record (none shown on the above example)

o        The second and third lines in the above example contain your sign-on and header records.

o        The detail records would consist of the following:

To view a specific batch number or check number, open up the log file, select Search and enter the batch number or check number.

The individual batch files themselves can be viewed using Windows Notepad.