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15.13.1 Updating Instructions

Call Software Arts if you have any difficulties in following the procedures below.

o        If you have a multi-user copy of pc/MRP, make sure everybody has logged off pc/MRP before starting this update.

o        Make a back-up copy of the current pc/MRP directory and all of its contents.

o        Make sure that no files in the pc/MRP directory are attributed read only.

o        If you have received an update CD from Software Arts:

o        If you have received an update email from Software Arts:

o        The update program will ask you to browse and locate the pc/MRP directory.

o        Clicking Next will extract and copy files into the pc/MRP directory.

o        Click on Finish to exit from the update program.

o        Start pc/MRP, it will detect that it has been updated and make any necessary changes to pc/MRP to apply the update.

o        If you have a multi-user copy of pc/MRP and you are using a Windows 95 server, the following files must be attributed read only:

15.13.2 Possible Installation Errors