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15.15.0 User Connectivity & Administrative Lockout Overview


This is the area you first visit for doing any kind of exclusive administrative work on pc/MRP such as backing up the database files or running exclusive processes as re-indexing all pc/MRPís indexes. If the system is not locked down and scheduled tasks need to start (see Section 16.16), these tasks will produce an error, stop processing, and wait to re-start according to their schedules.

15.15.1 Step 1, Set Admin Lockout,  Press Set Administrative Lockout Button


Press the Show Users Button to display who besides yourself is presently online with pc/MRP.   Press the Set Administrative Lockout Button to send a message to those users to log out of pc/MRP. 



15.15.2 Step 2, Set Admin Lockout,  Wait for users to log off of pc/MRP


Wait for users to log off of pc/MRP.






15.15.3 Step 3, Set Admin Lockout, Press the OK Button


Once all users of pc/MRP except you have logged of, the following screen appears:



You can now press the OK Button and proceed with your administrative tasks.    Once you are finished with your administrative tasks, you must return to this module and press the Remove Administrative Lockout Button.

15.15.4 Step 4, Removing the Admin Lockout

If the person setting the lockout logs out of pc/MRP, he must log back into pc/MRP using the same PC and the same user name, in order to remove the lockout. If he cannot log back into pc/MRP, remove the file MRPBUSY.FLG from the pcmrpw directory.