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15.16.0 Scheduled Tasks Overview


There are numerous tasks you can set to run automatically:


Export Invoices to Quickbooks

Export Receivers to Quickbooks

Infinite Bucket MRP Generation

Perform a Rollup of Average costs on assemblies

Perform a Rollup of Last PO costs on assemblies

Perform a Rollup of Standard costs on assemblies

Regenerate index tags for all application tables

Remove records marked for deletion from all application tables

Rollup the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) on assemblies

Update Alternate Part Numbers on BOMs

Update Customer account balances in the Address Book

Update the On-Demand quantities in inventory

Update the On-Order quantities in inventory


You must leave the computer that is scheduled to run these tasks, logged into pc/MRP so that the tasks can be executed.


You should create a user, named ‘sched’ as an example, with NO rights to any modules. Now log into pc/MRP as the user ‘sched’ on the computer set to run the tasks and leave the computer logged in and turned on during the night.


Note: With the Password module implemented, you must have ‘Delete’ privileges to the Configuration menu to define schedules.



15.16.1 Scheduling Task’s, Step 1, Set PC, Retry, Interval Settings


Press the Scheduler Settings Button to set which PC is to perform the tasks, Retry Settings, and Time Interval between tasks.


15.16.2 Scheduling Task’s, Step 2, Select and Schedule a Task


First select the process to schedule. Then select the Schedule Options tab and set up the Frequency (Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly), the Start Time (time is in 24-hour notation, therefore 21:00 is 9:00PM), and the Start Date.



Schedule Tasks always runs with Admin authority, and then the computer goes back to its original rights.
15.16.3 Scheduling Task’s, Step 3, Select Execution Options


A task’s execution options will vary by task. Please note each task’s options carefully. As an example:





Conversely, the ‘Update the On-Order quantities in inventory’, has no configuration options.

15.16.4 Scheduled Task’s Event Log


Users can use the event log to see if and when tasks were performed. Each task has its own log.


 15.16.5 Active Tasks



Select Active Tasks on the Menu to see currently scheduled tasks.


15.16.7 Scheduled Task’s Errors & Warnings


This log shows information about currently scheduled tasks that did not complete for some reason.


If you get a message, “Another back-up was I progress” preventing you from running a back-up and there is no back-up in progress, delete a file named “BackInProgress.flg” in the pcmrpw directory and re-run the back-up.


pc/MRP versions 8.00AD and higher can be set to record an internal event log by creating a blank file named SCHEDULETIMER.LOG with Notepad, and saving it in the pcmrpw directory. From the time the file is saved, pc/MRP will write an event into the SCHEDULETIMER.LOG file. Pc/MRP versions 8.04D and higher contain a checkbox to activate this feature. Pc/MRP versions 8.00AC and lower will incorrectly set the next run date to the following day and skip the evening run if you select a frequency of Daily.


15.16.8 Scheduled Task Stand-alone logon

You can create a user “SCHED” without permissions in the password module, just to logon to the assigned ‘scheduler’ computer and run the nightly scheduled tasks.