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16.18.1 User Task Manager & Tickler Module Overview

The User Task Manager & Tickler Module allows companies to

·         Quickly set reminders.

·         Manage and assign tasks of a project.

·         Multiple task reports with various sort and group options.

The reports include:

·         All displayed Tasks in List format.

·         Just the selected Task in item format.

·         All the displayed Tasks in item format.

16.18.2 Activating the User Task Manager & Tickler Module

Select Configuration, Module Activation, and then User Task Manager & Tickler Module from the menu.   To activate this module:
Call Software Arts (408-226-7321) to obtain your activation code number.   Press the “Activate” button and enter your activation code number.

16.18.3 Setting the System Wide Settings for the User Task Manager & Tickler Module Obtain the User list from…

Choose ‘Manually entered by the Users’ if you do not have the Advanced Password Module or wish the user to enter a name known not to be in the password module. Obtain the Category List from…


Choose ‘Manually entered by the Users’ if you do not want to control by a predefined category list. Pressing the ‘Defined Categories’ button will allow editing of the Defined Categories as seen in the screen below: Task Visibility

This is self explanatory; usually you will only want the user to see his tasks. He will still be able to see tasks he has assigned to other people.

16.18.4 Settings for the Current User

Default Category and Default Tab for comments or Properties can be changed by each user logon. Categories may be added if allowed by the system administrator. If additions are allowed by the administrator, only a ‘General’ category is supplied to start with. The user may enter one here or on the task screen. Entering a new Task or Tickler. Step 1.

When selecting ‘New Task’ from the menu, you will be presented with the following screen.

Default Priority, Category, and Status are filled in for the user. Abbreviated Task description, Reminder, and Comments are all that is needed for the basic Tickler. The Properties tab. Step 2.

More detailed information is available for entry of the Properties tab. ‘Created by’ and ‘Created Date’ are not modifiable. ‘Assigned to’ can be selected from the drop-down list or, if the Administrator allowed, you can enter a name yourself just like the Category field.

NOTE: Due Date and Date Started (and Completed Date) are not validated against one another.

16.18.6 Editing Tasks and Tickler details.

Selecting ‘Edit/View Tasks’ from the User Task Manager & Tickler menu will bring up the following screen.

Selecting ‘Open’ button will open the details for the selected task, in this cas, ‘Staff meeting’.
16.18.7 The Task Filter Criteria window.

Pressing the Filter button on the Tasks window presents this screen.

Changing any of the filter criteria changes the filter label to red. There are numerous filter criteria the user can set up. The default settings are shown above.

16.18.8 Completing or editing a Task or Tickler.

If you do not use the Properties tab, you may just adjust the ‘Status’ box in the upper window area to ‘Complete’.

For the Project tasks, the ‘Properties’ tab offers more options to complete the task.

If all you need to do is mark the task complete, just press the ‘Complete’ button on the Properties tab and adjust the Completion Stage if required. ‘Status’, Completed by, Date and Time are automatically filled in for you. You may also need to adjust the ‘Completed by’ box if you did not do the work.

16.18.9 Printing Ticklers or Tasks.

Pressing the Print button on the Tasks detail window brings up the following screen.

Choose the Output Range, where to send the report, how to sort the report and whether or not to include Comments.

The Save Settings checkbox will save your report settings to your login file to allow the same criteria to be used as default for the next report run. Remove Over X Months. Step 1.

Selecting menu item ‘Remove Over X Months’ is a two step process. First, the warning…

It is imperative that the date be today’s date and that you have a back-up of the production pcmrpw directory. Remove Over X Months. Step 2.

Think of this window as only keeping the past 9 months of Task and Tickler records.

If you want to keep the last year’s worth of Task & Tickler records, you would enter 12 as the age in months.