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16.5.1 Engineering Change Notice Module Overview

The Engineering Change Notice Module creates, edits, and prints out ECNs and ECN Reports. In addition, it will also print out ECN reports that notify purchasing of which POs with part numbers that are affected by ECNs issued in the last 30 days.

Call Software Arts (408-226-7321) to get your ECN activation code number
Select Configuration Menu, Module Activation, then ECN from the menu
Select activate ECN module
Enter the activation code number

16.5.2 New (Enter An Engineering Change Notice)

Selection 1 allows you to enter an Engineering Change Notice. The next available ECN NUMBER is then provided. Press to accept the new ECN number or enter a new ECN number. NOTE: If you enter an alpha character into the ECN number field, pc/MRP will not be able to increment the ECN number automatically.

ECN will then ask: Does the part have a PART NUMBER? If the part or BOM modified does have a part number and has been previously entered into inventory, enter “Yes”. This will open a scroll screen allowing users to select the desired part.  If the part has not been previously entered into inventory, enter “No”.


If you answered No, the ECN module will allow you to enter the part into inventory.

Once users have selected the desired inventory item the ECN data entry screen shown above will appear.

The ITEM # allows a single ECN # to be entered that effects more than one part or BOM.

The ECN DATE is the date the ECN goes into effect. Today's date will be automatically entered unless overwritten.

The ORIGINATOR field contains the name of the originator of the ECN.

The DESCRIPTION of the part is entered from inventory automatically.

Enter a description of the changes that were made to this part or BOM number into the CHANGES field.

The APPROVED BY field contains the name(s) of the people who approved the ECN.

Once you have finished entering the ECN data for the effected part or BOM number, press the "OK" button to save the record. This will update the revision field for that part number in the inventory module. ECN will ask, "Do another line item (Y/N)?”Answer Yes, if another part or BOM number is affected by this ECN number

16.5.3 Edit/View (Delete, Undelete An Engineering Change Notice)

This option allows users to scroll, edit, delete, undelete or run queries against ECN records.

Selecting an Indexed Search allows users to search on indexed fields.  This allows pc/MRP to find the information much faster.  To perform an Indexed Search select the:

·         Indexed Search tab

·         Desired Sort Order, ECN Number, Part Number, Date

·         Enter the applicable data in the Begin Scrolling At: field

·         Select the desired Action, View or Edit

·         Press Search

pc/MRP will automatically scroll to the desired record or the nearest match.  Select the correct record by scrolling and press Ok to proceed to the edit screen for that record.

Selecting to run a Queried Search allows users to build, run, save, and load queries for the ECN table.  For further details see chapter 15.14.Once the record has been marked for deletion you must return to the menu and select REMOVE MARKED RECORDS.

16.5.4 Reports (Print/Display Engineering Change Notices)

Allows you to print out or display Engineering Change Notices. Your options are as follows:


any of the above may be sorted by:


16.5.5 Purchase Orders Affected By ECNs

Selection 4 will allow you to print out or display all open purchase orders affected by ECNs issued in the last 30 days.

16.5.6 Index

Selection 7 re-indexes the ECN Data Base File. pc/MRP automatically updates its index files under normal operation. However, if you ever get a "record out of range" error message, re-indexing the index file is usually the cure. Re-indexing is wise after a heavy editing session simply as a precautionary step.

16.5.7 Remove Marked Records

Selection 5 removes all of the deleted Engineering Change Orders from the disk. The records will no longer be recoverable. The remaining records are then automatically re-indexed.