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16.7.1 Quote Module Overview


The Sales Quote Module creates, edits, and prints out sales quotes. In addition it will also convert sales quotes to sales orders and print out a tickler quote report for all open quotes exactly 30, 60, and 90 days old. Please see Chapter 9, Sales Orders, for more detail.

16.7.2 Activating the Quote Module

To activate the module, select Configuration, Module Activation, and then Sales Quote from the menu, and enter a special configuration number obtained from Software Arts.

16.7.3 Sales Quote Probabilities

A % probability can be assigned to each line item of a Sales Quote. This probability is the likelihood of this line item becoming a real sales order. Through the use of the Infinite Bucket module Sales Quotes can then be added for planning and parts from these sales orders will be required according the % probability.

16.7.4 Print/Email Sales Quotes

The Sales Quote report engine is exactly the same as the sales order report engine. After you have selected the criteria for your report, you also have the opportunity to print, display, and fax or send the actual quote to e-mail, or an HTML document to attach the quote to an e-mail. Through the use of programs like WINFAX users can also directly fax from pc/MRP.

Note: If you send an e-mail directly from pc/MRP, we use MS Outlook. The e-mail address in MS Outlook will automatically be populated from the e-mail entry in the pc/MRP Address Book. If you create an HTML document, you can save this document and attach it to an e-mail created in your existing e-mail program.