Purchase Request (RFQ) Module

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16.9.1 Purchase Request Module Overview


The Purchase Request Module creates, edits, and prints out Purchase Requests. It can also be printed out as a Request for Quote to request pricing information from a vendor. The Purchase Request can easily be converted into a Purchase Order by selecting the Request items to be included in the conversion. Please see Chapter 7, Purchase Orders, for more detail.

16.9.2 Activating the Purchase Request Module

To activate the module, select Configuration, Module Activation, Purchase Request from the menu, and enter a special configuration number obtained from Software Arts, Inc.

16.9.3 Creating and Editing a Purchase Request

The process of Creating and Editing a Purchase Request is the same as Creating and Editing a Purchase Order. Refer to section 7.1 of this manual for a detailed explanation of the process.

 16.9.4 Converting a Purchase Request to a Purchase Order


Selecting "Convert Request to Order" will open a dialog window where the user may select the items of the Purchase Request that are to be converted into a Purchase Order. Multiple items can be selected by holding down the [CTRL] key on the keyboard while clicking on the items with the mouse. Only those items selected will be converted. After the PO is generated, those items selected will be flagged as "Complete" on the Purchase Request. If the "Close all items" check box is selected, the Purchase Request items not selected for conversion will also be flagged as "Complete."

If the Advanced Password Module is activated, a person must have Enter/Edit or Deletion rights to the PO Module AND Enter/Edit or Deletion rights to the Accounting Module.

16.9.5 Print/Email Purchase Quotes

The Purchase Quote report engine is the same as the purchase order report engine. After you have selected the criteria for your report, you also have the opportunity to print, display, fax, or send the actual quote via e-mail, using a PDA or HTML document to attach the purchase quote to an e-mail. Using programs like WINFAX users can also directly fax from pc/MRP.


Note: If you send an e-mail directly from pc/MRP, we use MS Outlook. The e-mail address in MS Outlook will automatically be populated from the e-mail entry in the pc/MRP Address Book and the PDF of HTML file will be attached. If you create a PDF or  HTML document, you can save this document and attach it to an e-mail created in your existing e-mail program.