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17.12.1 WebEx Support Overview


Software Arts, Inc. now offers its customers that are on a Yearly Support Contract, the availability of receiving support via the following options:

·         Logon to your computer to help you solve a problem with your pc/MRP data.

·         Allow you to see the support person’s computer and see the steps to solve a problem.

·         Training support using your computer and your data or the support person’s computer and test data.


17.12.2 Customer Receives a Support Email Request


When a customer requests support via WebEx, the support representative will send an email with the link to the Internet site for pc/MRP WebEx support.




When the client receives the email, all he has to do is click on the supplied link.


17.12.3 WebEx Access without Email


Without email access, the customer must go to the following Internet address by opening an Internet explorer window and entering ‘pcmrp.webex.com’ (no quotes).



Optionally, you may go to Configuration, About pc/MRP, and press Ctl-W. This will bring up your  browser and directly connect to pcmrp.webex.com.
Pressing the enter key takes you to this secure website for the WebEx session.




Either method of getting to the  pc/MRP WebEx portal will present the next screen for pre-session information.

17.12.4 Pre-Session Form


After pressing the link, this session login form appears.




The session number is already supplied if the customer came to this screen via an email link. If the customer has used WebEx before, the rest of the required information has been entered automatically.


17.12.5 WebEx for the First Time


However you get to the website for pc/MRP WebEx support, this screen appears if it is your first time using WebEx.




The client software for your browser must be downloaded and installed the first time you run WebEx on a specific computer.
After pressing the ‘Download’ link, WebEx will present the customer with the standard security screen for approval of the download.




The WebEx client software is certified and therefore should be allowed to continue. Check the ‘Always trust…’ checkbox if you wish and then press the ‘Yes’ button.
The download and install takes a few minutes. The following screen should appear:




The download and install will take about 3-minutes and only occurs the first time you use WebEx on the current computer.

17.12.6 Logging into pc/MRP’s Support Center on WebEx


After the 3 minute download, the customer sees:




This screen will stay as is until the support representative selects a specific type of support control. Please do not leave the session. The type of control is agreed to in advance by the customer and the support representative.


For Desktop or Application control, there are four types of session controls:

1.      Desktop

a.       Request Desktop View — Request to view a customer's desktop.

b.      Request Desktop Control — Request to control a customer's desktop.

c.       Show Desktop View Allow a customer to view your desktop.

d.      Give Desktop Control — Give control of your desktop to a customer.


2.      Application

a.       Request Application View —Click to request to view a customer's application.

b.      Request Application Control —Click to allow a customer to view your application.

c.       Show Application View Allow a customer to view your desktop.

d.      Give Application Control—Click to give control of your application to a customer.



NOTE: The customer will always be able to stop desktop sharing.


Almost finished with connecting; now the following screen appears:




The customer needs to notice what kind of support connection he is approving; in this case, share control of desktop.


The customer then should check the ‘Grant permission…’ checkbox to stop prompting each time control of the desktop changes from customer to support representative and back. Then press the ‘OK’ button to start the support session.

17.12.7 pc/MRP’s Support Start


Now, the support begins. If application is chosen as a support connection, only the application’s window is visible to the support representative, as seen below.




If Desktop support is chosen, the whole desktop with the above screen is visible to the support representative.

17.12.7 Stopping pc/MRP’s Support


When the session is terminated by the support representative, this screen appears and allows the customer to leave the support session.




Press the ‘OK’ button.

If the customer ends the session by choosing ‘Stop Desktop Sharing, the screen will look like this:




Press the’OK’ button to continue.
Now press the ‘Leave Session’ button for either type of session termination.



17.12.8 Session Feedback for pc/MRP’s Support


Finally, after the ‘Leave Session’ button is pressed, have the customer fill out the feedback form if they have the time.




Please fill out the information requested so that we may improve all future interactive support of pc/MRP.
The final screen appears:




The support session has disconnected with this last screen.




17.12.9 WebEx Errors

If you get an error message that a WebEx file does not exist (webex330atpcap95.dll), follow the following instructions:

·         Exit all programs.

·         Open Windows Explorer.

·         Select Tools.

·         Select Internet Options.

·         Select the General tab (if not already selected).

·         Press the “Delete Cookies…” button; press the “OK” button.

·         Press the “Delete Files…” button.

·         In the “Delete Files…” sub-window that appears, check the “Delete all offline content” checkbox. Press the “OK” button.

·         Press the “Clear History” button’

·         Select the Security tab.

·         With the Internet zone selected, press the “Custom Level…” button.

·         “Enable” (or at least “Prompt”) the first five “Active-x controls and plug-ins”.

·         Select the “Advance” tab.

·         Press the “Restore Defaults” button.

·         Finally, Press the “OK” button to exit the Internet Options window.