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17.4.1 File does not exist (error 1)

17.4.3 File in use (error 3)

17.4.4 End of file encountered (error 4)

Re-index the related data base file(s)

17.4.5 Record out of range (error 5)

17.4.7 File you are attempting to rename already exists. (error 7)

If you are removing records marked for deletion, you do not have deletion rights or another user has ownership of the file or folder.

17.4.10 Syntax Error (error 10)

17.4.11 Invalid Function (error 11)

17.4.12 Variable not found (error 12)

17.4.13 Alias (file name) (error 13)

17.4.15 Not a table/dbf file (error 15)

17.4.16 Unrecognized Command Verb (error 16)

Programming error. Call Software Arts at 408-226-7321 or update to version 6.78m or higher.


17.4.22 Too Many Variables (error 22)

Too many line items.  Select SINGLE for REVIEW when editing.

17.4.26 Table is not ordered (error 26)

17.4.30 Position is off screen (error 30)

17.4.31 Invalid Subscript Reference (error 31)

17.4.36 Unrecognized phrase/keyword in command (error 36)

17.4.39 Numeric Overflow (error 39)

Data has been added to a pc/MRP dbf file from another program such as EXCEL causing numeric overflow in one of the fields in that file. Use option 41 in the settings and utilities to zero out the overflow. Users can also use dBASE or FoxPro 'replace' command to load valid values into that field.


17.4.41 Invalid or missing memo file (Error 41)

17.4.43 Insufficient memory (Error 43)

17.4.50 Report file invalid (Error 50)

17.4.52 No database file in use (Error 52)

If you are running an MRP report and a BOM exists in the partmaster but not in the BOM file and you hit continue after the warning msg you can get this error.

17.4.55 Memory variable file is invalid (Error 55)

.mem file is broken or corrupt. Call Software Arts to get the name of the file and copy in a new .mem file from a recent backup or the pcmrpupd directory. If the file is a local.mem file, it can be deleted. pc/MRP will create a new file.  If the file is USERSETS.FXP, you can call Software Arts, Inc. to run DO FIXUSERSETS from the command line.

17.4.107 Operator/Operand type mismatch (Error 107)

17.4.108 File in use (Error 108)

File with same name in another directory connected by the path statement is in use. This can happen with pc/MRP's .USR files. Assign the user another name for logging into pc/MRP.

17.4.109 File in use (Error 109)

File is in use by another. Reboot the server.

17.4.110 Exclusive open of file is required (Error 110)

17.4.111 Cannot write to a read only file (Error 111)

17.4.112 Invalid key length (Error 112)

The product code size and suffix size = or exceed the length of the entire part number. Decrease the product code and or suffix size.

17.4.114 Index does not match table file (Error 114)


1.       rename addrbook.* to addrbookbu.*

2.       use addrbookbu

3.       sort to addrbook on id

4.       Modules, Address Book, Index


·         Another option, for versions of pc/MRP 8.00 and higher, is to call Software Arts and have them send a file named pcmrp_external_indexer.exe (found in K:\Toolbox\Visual\ExternalIndex\Distribution).  Place the file in the pcmrpw directory. Double-clicking it will extract the following files into the pcmrpw directory: saeiv.dll, saeiv.log, saeiv.vb, saeiv.tlb, saeiv.vbr, vfp6r.dll, vfp6renu.dll. This will allow VFP6 code to re-index the files.

17.4.125 Error 125

Printer is configured as a network printer when it is actually a local printer. Reconfigure the printer as a local printer.

17.4.202 Invalid path or filename (Error 202)


17.4.214 Window has not been defined (error 214)

A window has not been defined or removed from memory. Versions prior to 6.36T and 6.49F would display this error message if you selected address book reports and then selected work order reports.

17.4.356 Invalid Macro Key File Format (error 356)

An attempt has been made to use a macro file with invalid data. Delete all files with an ".fky" extension except the macro.fky. If that does not fix the problem, restore the macro.fky file from a backup.

17.4.1000 Internal inconsistency error (error 1000)

Go to the Utility Module and run Option 27. Re-index all files.

17.4.1102 Can Not Create File (error 1102)

pc/MRP may be trying to install a barcode font, the foxfont.fon, or the SAHTML driver.  Try logging into this computer as an administrator.   If this error occurs with the barcode fonts, go to the control panel and select to add/remove fonts. Then select the fonts from the pcmrpw\barfont folder.  Administration rights may be needed to download and install these fonts.

If this occurs when you are exporting to QuickBooks, QuickBooks 2006 and higher does not allow pc/MRP to backup the QBW file before exporting. (You must do this from within QuickBooks itself before exporting.) Select Options, QuickBooks, Set Exporter Default Settings, Backup Options, and uncheck the Perform Backups checkbox.

File is locked by the server, see error 1705, ‘somebody may have turned off the computer.

17.4.1103 Seek read error (error 1103)

A general fault protection error may have occurred. Exit Windows, shut down the computer, restart the computer and pc/MRP.

17.4.1104 Can not read file (error 1104)

File is sitting on a bad sector use Microsoft's Scandisk to move data and mark out bad sector. Call your IT person.  Go to the PC or server that actual contains the pc/MRP production directory.  Start Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive that contains the pcmrpw directory.  Select Properties and Check now. Check the disk without fixing or recovering errors. If it spots errors, copy the pcmrpw directory to another drive and then repeat the previous steps this time allowing the errors to be fixed.

17.4.1105 File write error. (error 1105)

·         Hard disk is full.

·         User does not have modify rights to the pc/MRP directory; usually ‘pcmrpw’.

17.4.1108 Picture too big or wrong format (error 1108)

A picture has been loaded into memory and is corrupt. Reboot computer. If clrmem2.fxp is displayed it could be the pcmrpw.bmp file.

17.4.1231 Missing operand (error 1231)

A report is missing a condition parameter. Versions 6.55AA and lower had this problem when sales and quote reports were sorted or specified by salesperson. Update to version 6.55AB

17.4.1234 Subscript out of bounds (error 1234)


17.4.1282 Insufficient memory (error 1282)

·         Windows does not have enough memory left to run pc/MRP for Windows.

·         Make sure your workstation has at least 8 megabytes of RAM

·         Close any programs that are running concurrently with pc/MRP

·         Make sure your hard disk has a large permanent swap file (10-30M)

·         Your computer may not contain enough RAM. Add the line memlimit=60 to the config.fpw file. Config.fpw is a text file that can be modified with notepad.

17.4.1405 Run Command Failed (error 1405)


17.4.1410 Unable to create temporary work files (error 1410)

·         If you get this error while Removing Marked Records, make sure the hard disk that contains your pcmrpw directory and files is not full.

·         Select Configuration, About pc/MRP, and press F1 to see the location of the temporary directory. Make sure that the directory exists and that you have ‘MODIFY’ rights to it and the pcmrpw directory.

·         Files are attributed READ ONLY.

17.4.1426 Class Not Registered (error 1426)

Get everybody off pc/MRP, make a backup copy of your pcmrpw folder, and update your copy of pc/MRP by selecting “Configuration”, “Download and install a new revision”.   Versions 750AP and 760N had this problem.   If that does not fix the problem, call Software Arts. The directory is mapped as a drive. pc/MRP current update programs do not have this problem.



17.4.1429 OLE Error (error 1429)

If a QuickBooks error, please see otherwise call Software Arts, Inc.


17.4.1661 Invalid Excel format (error 1661)

Select “Save As: and choose Excel 2.0 – 4.0.

17.4.1691 Library file is invalid (error 1691)

17.4.1705 File Access Denied (error 1705)

17.4.1707 Structural .CDX file not found (error 1707)

User has created a .CDX index file for a .DBF file. Delete the associated .CDX file and re-index.

17.4.1734 Property ALIST is not found (error 1734)

A dropdown list may be empty. Use the Configurations & Settings menu, Option 52 to enter at least one item.

17.4.1915 Collating sequence “name” is not found (error 1915)

An index file is broken. Call Software Arts, Inc. to delete the index file. (for versions 7.90 and lower BYPWUSER.IDX and PWU.idx if you are receiving this error message when logging into pc/MRP). This can be caused by a computer using a collating sequence for a different language causing the index to become useless for other computers. Delete the named index file (.idx) and add the line COLLATE = “MACHINE” to the config.fpw text file in the pcmrpw directory.

17.4.1957 Error Accessing Printer Spooler (error 1957)

Delete the pc/MRP printer driver from your computer’s printer list and then re-login to pc/MRP so the program can re-install the pc/MRP printer driver.

17.4.1958 Error Loading Print Driver (error 1958)

Try rebooting the client PC. If the error persists, reboot the server and/or un-install and re-install the print driver as in 17.4.1957.

17.4.2005 Error loading file (error 2005)

Try rebooting the client PC. If the error persists, re-install the pc/mrp from a manual update on our website for your version. This is possibly caused by a bad uncompress of the update files.