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17.5.1 Watcom WIN386 not running on a 386 DPI implementation error msg appears

Try starting Windows with WIN/D:X command instead of WIN. If that works modify the emm386 line in your config.sys file to read: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386 NOEMS I=E000-EFFF

17.5.2 pc/MRP says Record does not exist

17.5.3 pc/MRP says Can not save record, record has been edited by another


17.5.4 Cannot bring up a record (partnumber with a lower case alpha character) from the scroll list

This problem occurs on or around version 6.55H - 6.55K.  Call Software Arts for update to 6.55M.

17.5.5 pc/MRP for Windows brings up a blank record instead of the record you selected

Record may start with one or more blank characters. If possible, change the field so that it starts with valid characters and not blank characters. Version 6.36AE and higher began to correct this problem by replacing 'FIND's with 'SEEK's.

17.5.6 Address and PO logbook files keep asking if you wish to convert the files

When you get to the save window, select save as WRI files.

17.5.7 pc/MRP for Windows requires excessive key strokes to process records

Make sure the msg time-out time in pc/MRP's configuration menu is set at 1 or 2 seconds and not 0 seconds. With the Windows version of pc/MRP, setting the time-out time to 0 seconds leaves quantity adjustment messages on your screen indefinitely until you hit any key to continue.

17.5.8 Variable not found

If pc/MRP for Windows is closing the month and the variable not found is MDUMMY, the chart of accounts has a record in it with an illegal account type code. The chart of account record number will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Edit the record and fill in the account type field with a legal account type code.

17.5.9 Dialog box asks "Overwrite invalid foxuser file"

Answer Yes to this question as a new empty foxuser file will not hurt anything.

17.5.10 pc/MRP freezes up

If two people are entering sales quotes at the same time and the second computer freezes up, version 6.49BK and 6.53T and lower do not increment the quote number. Call Software Arts for update.

17.5.11 Internal Inconsistency Error Message

17.5.12 Stack Fault Error Message

This message can be caused by a broken index file. Re-index the database file that is being used when the error occurs.

17.5.13 Letter of Floppy Drive You Are Installing From Message.

17.5.14 Macro Overflow.

Macro file has become corrupt or tool long, delete the macro file "username.fky" or re-enter the macro you are running.

17.5.15 Library file is invalid

Library file has become corrupt in memory, exit pc/MRP and restart your computer.

17.5.16 Record has been edited by another.

17.5.17 Cost roll-up and exploded BOMs contain incorrect dollar amounts.

If you are using a language other than English, use note pad to add the line: Point = "." to the config.fpw file in the pcmrpw dir.

17.5.18 Cannot edit a document.

17.5.19 Cannot delete a document.

17.5.20 Highlighting a part in a BOM displays another partnumber.

The BOM has duplicate part numbers. Edit the BOM and change the item number of one of the effected parts.

17.5.21 MSG.DBF does not have an entry for (Name of menu item.)

pc/MRP's MSG.IDX file has become corrupt. Exit pc/MRP and use explorer to locate and delete the MSG.IDX file. Re-enter. pc/MRP will recreate the MSG.IDX file automatically.

17.5.22 Running option 43, Repair invalid memo file, deletes the file being repaired.

pc/MRP versions 6.80k and lower contained this bug. The file that was selected to be fixed was renamed, msourcef.dbf. Rename msourcef.dbf back to the original name and download an update to a later version of pc/MRP.

17.5.23 pc/MRP field contains nothing but asterisks or stars (numeric overflow).

Latest versions of 6.73 and higher contain a special program named overflow. This program allows the user to select a DBF field and zero out the overflow. Call Software Arts for instructions on running this program.

17.5.24 When scrolling for something (Inventory or BOMs), pressing enter does not open the selected file.

The user FKY file has been corrupted. Find the user FKY file, their login name with an .FKY extension and delete this file. All macros and personal save settings will be deleted for this user.

17.5.25 Dates contain day and month, but are missing the century after updating to a Y2K version of pc/MRP.

Call Software Arts to receive an update to pc/MRP, version 7.01C or higher, or to receive a file named fixcent.exe. To apply fixcent.exe, make a backup up pcmrp and then copy fixcent into the directory where pcmrp resides. Double click on the fixcent.exe file that resides in your pcmrpw directory and this will fix your missing century dates.

17.5.26 Insufficient memory when editing Address Book.

Go to the Configuration Settings & Utilities Option 52 to edit every text files. If a message come up indicating the file is too big to open in note pad, that is the file causing the problem. Go to the window explorer to rename the file to another file name and go back to the Configuration Settings & Utilities Option 52 to recreate the file.

17.5.27 Part number in a BOM is not Issued when Running the Stockroom Issue Function.

The partnumber in inventory is checked as being floor stock. Un-check the floor stock check box.

17.5.28 When printing a BOM an incorrect part number displays or prints out in every BOM.

The BOMTEMP.DBF contains a record with this part number in it. Call Software Arts for instructions on how to ZAP the BOMTEMP.dbf file.

17.5.29 Browser location changes for everybody when individual user changes his browser location.

Browser location is stored in local windows directory on workstation in a file named BROWSMRP.UMF. Network maybe setup such that server contains the windows directory. Mark the BROWSMRP.UMF file read only in the server's windows directory. You can change the browser used to open the module. You can also open the BROWSMRP.UMF file with notepad but do not change it.

17.5.30 A Bill of Materials Became mixed-up after Entering and or Editing the BOM.

Version 7.40 through 7.43 and or updating from these versions could leave one or more BOM records with a blank ID. To fix this, enter the following command in the command line: use BOM index bomkey[enter]fillguid()[enter].

17.5.31 Cannot open or locate Visual FoxPro Library File  

Restore VFP6R.DLL and or VFP6RENU.DLL from a backup copy if either of these two library files are missing.

17.5.32 Class not registered error message

·         When pc/MRP needs to use a class library .DLL or .OCX file, the operating system will first look in the registry, if it finds an entry in the registry pointing to where the .DLL or .OCX file is located and that file does not exist, the operating system will throw an error message.    If it does not find an entry in the registry, it will look in pc/MRP’s home directory.   If it does not find the .DLL or .OCX file there, it will look in the system folders.   If it does not find it in the system folders, it will throw an error message.

·         pc/MRP versions 7.50 and higher use the following DLL files, VFP6R.DLL and VFP6RENU.DLL

·         pc/MRP versions 7.52 and higher use the following .OCX files, MSCOMCT2.OCX  (Date Picker), CTSCTSCHEDULE.OCX, TIME LINE OCX (MRP Timeline Report), CTTABS.OCX, CTTIPS.OCX

·         pc/MRP version 7.83 added MSCCOMCTL.OCX ( Tree View for Corporate Reporting)

·         To fix the problem you could do the following.   (1) Copy the missing file into the directory the registry indicates it should be in.  (2) Copy the missing file into the System32 folder or the System folder (Win 98 and 98).   (3)  Open up Explorer, find the file, leave the Explorer window open, Click on the Start button, Select Run and register it by typing in REGSVR32 and drag and drop the file from explorer into the run command line one space after the word REGSVR32.   Be aware if you move this file be aware your computer may not be able to find it.   If you are going to delete some of the registry entries, make a backup of the registry by selecting export and giving it a name to import it back in from if necessary.

·         Pc/MRP version 7.90U contains a function that can be run from the pc/MRP command line; registerocx() or registerocx(“filename”). This function copies an OCX file from the pcmrpw directory to the correct system folder on the user’s computer and registers the ocx on his computer. If you use registerocx() without a filename, this function will allow you to select the correct .ocx file from within the pcmrpw directory. You must have administrator rights on the workstation computer to run this function. Please call Software Arts, Inc. for instructions on getting to pc/MRP’s command line.

·         Other cures might include disabling a virus checker that is not allowing un-registered DLLs to run or an operating system doing the same.

17.5.33 Version Mismatch

Pc/MRP has detected a version type mismatch. This can occur if a manual update is downloaded from our website and applied to a different version of pc/MRP. Restore from a back-up or call Software Arts, Inc. to install a full update to the latest version. Menu option Configuration, About pc/MRP displays the version of the pcmrpw.exe file; the version displayed at the top of the pc/MRP window comes from the config.fpw file.

17.5.34 Alias config.tmp is not found.

Select ignore, then Cancel. Go back into pc/MRP and the problem should be fixed.


17.5.35 Subscript is outside defined range

See Error #12 (17.4.12) write-up regarding pc/MRP versions 8.00A-8.00Q


17.5.36 pc/MRPs Stockroom ‘Issue Parts to Manufacturing’: ‘Always Ask’ Option does not work..

Update to pc/MRP version 8.00P or higher.


17.5.37 Cannot change quantities, costs, and locations when adding part numbers..

Change Option 62 to allow editing of these fields.


17.5.38 Microsoft Visual FoxPro cannot load Resources.

Copy all DLL, OCX, FLL, and EXE files from a backup copy of pc/MRP containing the same version & revision number of pc/MRP, eg. “8.00AK”.


17.5.39 The configuration table used to check configuration changes is no longer available. The table was closed by a sub-process during the repair of an invalid table structure. Any changes made to application data have not been saved.

Click the OK button when you get this message and re-enter your changes (if any) into the config menu.


17.5.40 Unable to access the “_____” data table. The index file could not be created.

pc/MRP was unable to obtain exclusive access to the named table. Get everybody off the table and try again or see error 1705 (17.4.1705) for solutions if it is a phantom file lock.


17.5.41 Attempting to obtain Administrative Lockout will not allow cancel.

If pc/MRP was not successful in running a scheduled task, and that task needed an Administrative lockout, pc.MRP will continue to try and obtain an Administrative Lockout in order to run the task. Pc/MRP versions 8.15 and above have a Cancel button for the administrating computer to use. You can then re-evaluate the scheduler’s re-try options and then remove the Administrative Lockout.


For versions of pc/MRP 8.14 and lower, you must do a Ctl-Alt-Del on the administrative computer to stop that instance of pc/MRP, re-login and change the scheduler’s re-try options.


17.5.41 Consolidated Infinite Bucket Report contains erroneous data.

Call Software Arts, Inc. to clean up (ZAP) the MRP2CONS.dbf file.