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17.8.1 pc/MRP cannot close the month

pc/MRP does not finish closing the month because it is stuck on two or more transactions with the same transaction number or blank transaction numbers. Edit the first transaction and change the transaction number to the next available transaction number that has not been used.

17.8.2 Entering a partial payment into accounting shows the full amount paid on Invoices and Receivers

         pc/MRP version 6.55A through 6.55N had this bug. Call Software Arts for an update to 6.55P.

         pc/MRP version 6.57A through 6.57E had this bug. Call Software Arts for an update to 6.57F.

         Edit invoices and receivers and put in the correct amount paid and mark the complete field N if the item has not been paid for in full.

17.8.3 Variable not found

If pc/MRP for Windows is closing the month and the variable not found is MDUMMY, the chart of accounts has a record in it with an illegal account type code. The chart of account record number will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Edit the record and fill in the account type field with a legal account type code.

17.8.4 End of year and or end of month balances are incorrect

17.8.5 Check reconciliation report does not make sense

Both checks and deposits must be cleared using the clear checks program in the accounting menu. Clearing checks only will cause the uncleared balance to go negative.

17.8.6 Trial Balance does not balance by the amount of the profit for the month

User has created two or more YTD retained earning accounts (QR chart of accounts records). Edit the chart of accounts and delete the extra QR accounts or change the extra QR accounts to QN accounts. There can only be one QR account in the chart of accounts data base file.

17.8.7 Trial Balance YTD Retained Earnings does not match YTD Returned Earnings in the Balance Sheet and YTD Retained Earnings in the Expense and Revenue Report

The YTD retained earnings amount in the Balance Sheet and the Expense and Revenue report are correct and include the profit (revenue - expenses) for the current month. The YTD retained earnings amount in the Trial Balance Report contains the retained earnings amount from the prior month, as the profit from the current month is already included by totaling the revenue and expense amounts for the current month. In addition in the YTD Trial Balance report the YTD retained earning for the year will always be zero since the YTD Revenues and Expenses are included in this report.

17.8.8 Accounts Payable Report prints out date with first 2 digits of the year causing everything to appear over 90-day column.

Delete the ACPAYTMP.DBF file. A new ACPAYTMP.DBF file will be formed from the RECEIVE.DBF with the correct date format containing the last 2 digits of the year(year 2000 compatible).

17.8.9 Checks take a long time to printout.

The transaction DBF file has alpha characters in the transaction numbers. Manually edit the alpha transaction numbers with the next available transaction number.

17.8.10 Check number is not retained when you do an E or P type accounting transaction.

You are selecting no when asked if you want to print checks. pc/MRP assumes by this you have decided not to print the check. There for, there is no check. Answer yes to retain the check number. If you are handwriting checks select print or display. If you select print simply print the check on a plain sheet of paper. To correct past omissions select Modules, Accounting, Pay Bills/Print/Clear Checks, and Print Unprinted Check(s).

17.8.11 Paybills option does not display any bills to be paid.

The receiver index is broken, re-index the receiver file.

17.8.12 Entering an I, E, O, R, P, or S transaction displays an error message: "NOT FOUND IN TEMPLATE DBF FILE."

17.8.13 Cannot reprint checks.

Option 13 in the Settings and Utilities menu is set to off.

17.8.14 YTD Retained Earnings Amount in the Balance Sheet do not match the YTD Retained Earnings Total in the YTD Expense and Revenue Report.

The YTD Retained Earnings Chart of Accounts (QR Account) was not debited and credited against an Undistributed Retained Earnings Account to zero out the QR Account at the beginning of a new year or somebody accidentally debited or credited the QR Account. If possible re-close the last month of the previous fiscal year. Then make an entry into your GL with a date of the first month and day of the beginning of the current fiscal year. In that entry debit out the YTD totals from the balance sheet and credit the prior year retained earnings account (QRC). Finally, re-close the first month in the current fiscal year and all months up to the current close.

17.8.15 Transaction numbers have jumped to a higher number or a weird number.

Somebody type in a different transaction number and pc/MRP incremented the next transaction numbers from them. Edit and renumber the affected transaction numbers or call Software Arts to lead you through automatically renumbering all transactions using the command "REPLACE ALL TRANNO WITH PADL(TRIMSTR(RECNO())),6,"0") You must be aware that all prior printed accounting transactions in reports and checks could contain incorrect transaction numbers.

17.8.16 Summary Accounts Receivable report displays "Error- Unma".

The invoice in question amount due is equal to or less than $0.00 and the invoice complete field does not contain "Y".

17.8.17 Transaction number shows up twice in GL report.

17.8.18 Incorrect Financial Statements when closing a month.

The user edited a transaction in the prior year and re-closes that month.


17.8.19 Income Statement has Revenue Total vs. Other Revenue.

pc/MRP version 7.90A-G Update to 7.90H or higher.