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pc/MRP is a fully integrated MRP/Accounting program for Windows. pc/MRP comes complete with ten integrated modules: Address book, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales Order, Work Order, Invoicing, Bills of Materials, Stock Room, and Accounting (GL, AP, AR). All of the modules can be accessed through pc/MRP's Main Menu shown above. Modules can be used on a stand-alone or integrated basis. pc/MRP also comes with a Configuration Utilities Module that allows you to configure pc/MRP to best suit your business operations. There are also eleven optional modules available.

pc/MRP can be configured to support manufacturing, distribution, retail or many other types of business operations. pc/MRP's multi-user version allows multiple people to enter purchase orders, invoices etc at the same time on PCs networked with any of the multi-user networks such as Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP.

pc/MRP's Large Business and Multi-user Versions can track up to 1 billion part numbers. Please see the web site for current prices. http://www.pcmrp.com/pricing.htm  Users can upgrade from one version to a higher version by contacting Software Arts, Inc. and paying the price difference between versions (no data will be lost).

1.2           Modules

The modules menu of pc/MRP is the first of the menu selections. Within the modules menu we have Inventory, BOMs, Stockroom, Purchase, Receive, Sales, Work Order, Invoice, Address Book, and Accounting. Clicking on any one of these items will bring you to the sub-menu for that module.

1.2.1      Inventory Module

pc/MRP's Inventory Module (Partmaster) allows users to enter, edit, and, scroll part numbers. Users can also print inventory reports, track inventory movement, take physical inventories, print out labels, roll up assembly costs, and update selling prices automatically. Advanced features include digital imaging, price quantity breaks, 6 alternate part numbers, 3 alternate vendors, 9 alternate manufacturers, and model numbers per part.

1.2.2      Bills of Materials Module

pc/MRP's BOM Module allows users to enter, edit, and scroll through BOMs infinite levels deep. Where used, digital images, alternate part numbers, routing sheets, and reference designator information can be displayed at a touch of a button while scrolling through a BOM.

1.2.3      Stock Room Module

pc/MRP's Stock Room Module allows parts to be issued and received from manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and alternate warehouses. Parts issued to manufacturing under a specific work or sales order number are decremented from on-hand and placed into Work In Process (WIP). When the assembled parts are received from manufacturing, the parts are removed from WIP and the on-hand quantity of the completed assembly(s) is incremented. The Stock Room Report Module provides job cost and lot tracing data. The Stock Room Module also provides options to automatically convert parts into assemblies and to check the availability of parts for specified assemblies.

1.2.4      Purchasing Module

pc/MRP's Purchasing Module allows you to enter, edit, duplicate, and print out purchase orders and reports. In addition, POs can be faxed or e-mailed directly from your PC (requires FAX/modem card). Vendor address and part number information is automatically imported from their respective modules. Entering a PO automatically increments the on-order quantity in inventory. Over 100 different reports can be generated including "Consolidated Order Requirements", "ISO 9000 Vendor Performance”, and "Purchase Price Variation". Each Purchase Order line item can be taxable or non-taxable, have its own due date, and discount. Blanket POs can be created at the touch of a button. POs can be created automatically with pc/MRP's optional Infinite Bucket MRP Module

1.2.5      Receiving Module

pc/MRP's Receiving Module allows you to enter, edit, and print out receivers and receiving reports. Entering a receiver against a PO will automatically enter all necessary information from the purchase order, decrement the on-order quantity and increment the on-hand quantity in the Inventory database, calculate a new average cost, and create an accounts payable voucher. If pc/MRP is set in the auto accounting mode it will also debit and credit the general ledger automatically. If the quantity received completes the order for that line item, the purchase order's Complete field will be marked "Y" to close out the line item.

1.2.6      Work Order Module

pc/MRP's Work Order Module allows manufacturing to enter, edit, and print out work orders and work order reports. Sales orders entered by sales, automatically become work orders and will appear in the work order module and reports. Manufacturing can use work orders to build to stock or build to existing sales orders.

1.2.7      Sales Order Module

pc/MRP's Sales Module allows you to enter, edit, duplicate, and print sales orders and sales order reports. If the order entered is cash and carry or on account and carry, pc/MRP will print out an invoice and decrement the on-hand quantity in inventory. If it is an 'order entry' order (to be delivered later), pc/MRP will print out a sales order and increase the on demand quantity. pc/MRP's Sales Module will provide numerous reports including: All Overdue Sales Orders, All Sales Orders for a Month, Sales Tax, Sales Commission, and Cost of Sales. Each line item can be taxable or non-taxable, and have its own due date and discount. Blanket sales orders can be created at the touch of a button.

1.2.8      Invoice Module

pc/MRP's Invoice Module allows you to enter, edit, and print out invoices, shippers, and invoice reports. Entering an invoice against an 'order entry' sales order will automatically enter all necessary information from the sales order, decrement the on-demand and on-hand quantities in inventory, and create an accounts receivables voucher. If pc/MRP is set in the auto-accounting mode, it will also debit and credit the general ledger automatically. If the quantity received completes the order for that line item, the sales order's Complete field will be marked "Y" to close out the line item. Each invoice can contain up to 99 line items. Each line item can be taxable or non-taxable and have its own due date.

1.2.9      Address Book

pc/MRP's Address Module allows you to create and maintain a customer and vendor database. pc/MRP will automatically export address information to purchase orders and sales orders. Invoice, Receiver, Balance Due, and Average Days to Pay information can be displayed at the touch of a button. pc/MRP has numerous report options allowing customer data to be parsed as desired. Users can also pick from an address list, and automatically create mail merge files and address labels.

1.2.10 Accounting

pc/MRP's Accounting Module consists of fully integrated GL, AP, AR, and a check-writing module. Debiting and crediting is automatic and all entries automatically update all journals. pc/MRP's accounting package supports multiple divisions and departments. The Pay Bills module will automatically create and print one check per vendor for the invoices selected. Up to 12 accounting periods can be active. The Accounting Report Module supports drill down reports such as "All Accounting Transactions For A Specified Invoice". Additional accounting reports include: sales tax, sales commissions, cost of sales, check reconciliation, and cash projections.

1.2.11 Configuration Utilities Module

pc/MRP's Utility Module allows you to configure pc/MRP to best suit your business operations. The configuration menu contains such items as Module Activation, Settings & Utilities, and information about pc/MRP. The Module Activation selection allows users to activate the optional modules. Settings & Utilities allows for the configuration of your pc/MRP to work optimally for your business needs. Once again, it is required that you obtain the appropriate configuration codes to change the settings.

1.3           Tools

The Tools menu contains your basic Windows elements including cut, copy, paste, a calculator, and macro creator. The macro command is used for repeating sequences of keystrokes when a single key combination is entered. One reason to use a macro is in the instance of having repetitive tasks.

1.4           1.4.0 Optional Modules

Software Arts has created fifteen optional modules that you can use to enhance the look and efficiency of your business. The optional modules can be tested in both the trial version and the full version. Once tested, if the user wants the optional module(s), they can be purchased through Software Arts. Call Software Arts at (408) 226-7321 for further information or for activation codes. Please see the pc/MRP web site for current pricing: http://www.pcmrp.com/pricing.htm

1.4.1      Audit Trail Option

The optional Audit Trail module provides a means of tracing edit changes made to any or all of the pc/MRP modules with the exception of accounting. Whenever a change to a record occurs during an editing session, the Audit Trail module will record the Date, Database, Time, User, and Field Name as well as the Record & Item numbers, Part/BOM number, or Address ID number. A flexible search feature allows retrieval of the recorded change based upon a variety of criteria.

1.4.2      ECN Option

The Engineering Change Notice Module creates, edits, and prints out ECNs and ECN Reports. In addition, it will also print out ECN reports that notify purchasing of which POs with part numbers that are affected by ECNs issued in the last 30 days.

1.4.3      Advanced Password Option

The advanced password module allows an unlimited number of user name and password combinations to control access rights (delete, edit, view only, or no access) to each pc/MRP module.

1.4.4      Purchase Request/Quote Option

The optional Purchase Request/Quote Module creates, edits, and prints out purchase and quote requests. In addition, it will automatically convert PO requests and quotes into purchase orders.

1.4.5      Sales Analysis Option

Sales Analysis contains several programs that will analyze sales history and set stocking and ordering requirements. The SALES TREND REPORTS can be used to spot sales trends over four user-defined time periods and subtotaled by part number, vendor, or customer. The BOOK TO BILL REPORTS can analyze book to bill ratios and goals by customer and territory (DOS version only). The ESTIMATED USAGE AND MIN QUANTITY REPORTS automatically fill in each parts usage and min quantity fields based on prior sales. The CONSOLIDATED BOM REPORTS consolidate parts within various levels of a BOM and print out the consolidated quantity for each part. Multiple BOMs can be consolidated together and printed spreadsheet style to analyze the purchasing requirements as a whole.

1.4.6      Sales Quote Module Option

The Sales Quote Module creates, edits, and prints out sales quotes. In addition, it will automatically convert sales quotes to sales orders if you receive the order.

1.4.7      Serial/Lot Tracking Option

pc/MRP's optional Serial/Lot Number module will store current on hand quantities of each serial/lot number. It also keeps records of all transactions adjusting the serial/lot number quantities as transactions are made. Entering an invoice will allow you to decrease the on hand quantity of the serial/lot number being shipped (I type transaction). Entering a receiver will allow you to increase the on hand quantity of the serial/lot quantity (R type transaction). Issuing parts to an assembly in the stock room will allow you to decrease the on hand quantity of the serial/lot number being issued (S type transaction.

1.4.8      Infinite Bucket/MSP Module

pc/MRP's advanced MRP option will generate a master production schedule/infinite bucket reports. The reports contains data that can be expressed in a daily schedule or consolidated into weekly, quarterly, or a user definable time period. The MRP reports generate action items for purchases, issues to be made, makes, sales, buys, and labor actions.

1.4.9      Alternate Currency Option

The Alternate Currency option allows the end user to enter several different currency types and their related multiplier into pc/MRP. The user would then be able to select the desired currency for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices.

1.4.10 Routing Module

pc/MRP's Routing Module allows you to create routing records. You can then move and track work orders and sales orders through the factory floor from work station to work station.

1.4.11 Employee Time Tracking

The Employee Time Tracking module consists of two modules. The first module, Employee Information, is used by accounting to create and manage employee records. The second module, Time Sheet, is used by individuals and/or accounting to create and manage employee time sheets.

1.4.12 Inspection Module

The Inspection Module allows users to set individual inventory items to require an inspection at four different stages of use, receiving, manufacturing, invoicing, and/or shipping.

1.4.13 Customer Bulk E-mailer

This optional module utilizes the address book to allow users to send newsletters, advertisements, or other types of documents in bulk to specified address types.  (Customers, Vendors, Employees)

1.4.14 QuickBooks Export

This optional module allows users routinely export AP, AR, inventory, and address data out of pc/MRP and import into QuickBooks. 

1.4.15 Bar Code Module

This optional module contains barcode fonts. These fonts are used with the report generator to add a bar code to labels and reports.

1.4.16 Corporate Enterprise Reporting Module Overview

The Corporate Enterprise Module allows companies to

·         Select one of three methods to have their parts list and BOMs automatically synchronized (including all indexes) across the world in real time.

·         Switch from one division to another by selecting that division from the drop down menu.

·         Print out consolidated financial reports for all divisions, business units, and the entire corporation.  

·         Currencies are automatically reconciled if pc/MRP’s Alternate Currency Module is active.