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2.1.1 Hardware Requirements


IBM compatible 486 or higher, minimum of 16 Megs of RAM for Windows 95 and 98.  32 Megs of RAM or higher for Windows NT, 2000, ME, and XP. Software Arts, Inc. does NOT recommend using a workstation as a peer-to-peer network for pc/MRP; the workstation crashes or is turned off and nobody can access pc/MRP.


2.1.2 Initial Installation, (first time only)

Step 1:              To install pc/MRP place the pc/MRP CD into your CD drive or locate the downloaded file.

Step 2:              If you are using the CD, wait a few seconds and the autorun should start. From the installation menu press Install. If the autorun does not start, select my computer and double click on your CD drive. Once the installation menu is on your screen press Install

Step 3:              If you are installing pc/MRP from a downloaded file simply, double click on that file.

Step 4:              The installation program will prompt you to read the end-user agreement and select a suitable location for pc/MRP to be installed. Once the installation is complete, pc/MRP can be accessed by either your computer’s Start and Programs menu, or the shortcut created on your desktop.

Step 5:              The first time you start pc/MRP, pc/MRP will require that you define a password for future access to the program and enter your company's name, address, and, phone and FAX number.


If you are installing a single user version of pc/MRP you are finished with the installation and do not need to follow the instructions listed below.


Step 6:              For the server you should:

a)      Double click on my computer

b)      Right click on the server's drive or folder that contains the pcmrp files.

c)      Select share, enter the name of the shared drive or folder

d)     Click on Permissions

e)      Provide all pc/MRP users Full Control or Change rights

Step 7:              For every workstation, on the network that you want to run pc/MRP create an icon as follows:

a)      Double-click on Network Neighborhood (In the open space on your desktop.)

b)      Double-click on the server.  On Windows 2000, double-click on “computers near me” and then the server.

c)      Double-click on the server's drive containing pc/MRP.

d)     Double-click on the folder containing pc/MRP.

e)      Right-click on the pcrmpw.exe file and drag it to the desktop.

f)       Select Create Shortcut


2.1.3 Possible Installation Errors