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Configuration, Settings and Utilities
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Overview Overview - Settings and Utilities Slides (2)
Option 1 Change company address information Slide
Option 2 Print -or- Supress address information on forms Slide
Option 3 Allow goods and services taxes for "P" and "I" accounting transactions Slide
Option 4 Inventory adjustment method Slide
Option 5 Change starting month of fiscal year and period end dates Slide
Option 6 Change average hourly labor rate Slide
Option 7 Sales Tax settings Slide
Option 8 Auto accounting -or- Make accounting separate (Manual) Slide
Option 9 Chart of accounts template - Add division/department to chart of accounts Slides (5)
Option 10 Accounting inventory method Slide
Option 11 Multi-division Chart of Account templates Slide
Option 12 Date Range definitions Slide
Option 13 Options for printing Checks Slide
Option 14 Accounting transactions settings Slide
Option 15 No longer used Slide
Option 16 Enable dynamic locations in receiver Slide
Option 17 No longer used (8.71 and above) Slide
Option 18 American -or- European date format Slide
Option 19 PDF and HTML file generation Slide
Option 20 Cycle Count Options Slide
Option 21 Reformat a form for HTML compatibility Slide
Option 22 Enter boiler plate notes for forms Slide
Option 23 Create EXCEL, ASCII, dBASE III Files Slide
Option 24 Report Writer (Modify Report/Label/Form) Slide
Option 25 Data to be inserted into the PO's "Placed By" field Slide
Option 26 Launch a plug-in utility process Slide
Option 27 Reindex all index files and check for corruption Slide
Option 28 Define part number size Slide
Option 29 Define product code size Slide
Option 30 No longer used Slide
Option 31 Change Password Slide
Option 32 Check inventory for invalid vendors Slide
Option 33 Set the eMail default subjects and messages Slide
Option 34 Change names of alternate storage areas in inventory Slide
Option 35 Type of cost imported into the Cost of Sale Slides (2)
Option 36 Export or Import BOMs to another copy of pc/MRP Slides (2)
Option 37 Credit Card digit validation & formatting Slide
Option 38 Include AP voucher information on receiver reports Slide
Option 39 Print\Display the file structure for a selected DBF tablet Slide
Option 40 Import data into pc/MRP Slide
Option 41 Check data tables for numeric field overflows Slide
Option 42 Purchase Order Settings... Slide
Option 43 No longer used Slide
Option 44 Set the default receiving area Slide
Option 45 Set the stockroom defaults Slide
Option 46 Allow the Auto Receive option Slide
Option 47 Set the Inventory defaults Slide
Option 48 Set the part number suffix size and default content Slide
Option 49 Set the part number incrementation method Slide
Option 50 Set the average cost calculation to include area(s): Slide
Option 51 Allow a BOM part or item number to be included multiple times. Set BOM status Slide
Option 52 Edit the content of various list boxes Slides (2)
Option 53 Sales/Quote Warnings Slide
Option 54 Update alternate part numbers and or BOM descriptions on all BOMs Slide
Option 55 Put Serial Numbers into the invoice comment field Slide
Option 56 Match a customer part list to the pc/MRP inventory list Slide
Option 57 Allow shipper generation based on sales orders Slide
Option 58 Modify the part description templates Slide
Option 59 Set the Cost Roll-up defaults Slide
Option 60 Set the Labor Overhead Mark-up percentage Slide
Option 61 Automatic updating of an Assembly's cost in inventory Slide
Option 62 Allow editing of sections of the inventory screen Slide
Option 63 Set document item limits for Sales and Purchasing Slide
Option 64 Set the default inventory Class type Slide
Option 65 Set the default lead times (in Days) Slide
Option 66 Set new Work Orders as Consumable Slide
Option 67 Set the Sale Price Lookup method Slide
Option 68 Allow stepping down for BOMS marked as 'P' in the inventory module Slide
Option 69 Set the Physical Inventory entry window's button order Slide
Option 70 Add freight cost(incoming) into the cost of sales for a sales order based on a % of standard costs Slide
Option 71 Show each sub-assy cost from the Partmast table for the Exploded Bom Report Slide
Option 72 Remap (change) Chart of Account numbers and propagate the changes Slide
Option 73 Support Contract Expiration Warning in Days Slide
Option 74 Prevent document/part/item number from being edited Slide
Option 75 Repair Duplicate document numbers Slide
Option 76 Automatically pre-seed the Physical Inventory counts with the current Inventory value Slide
Option 77 Purge unneeded Revision Update folders from disk Slide
Option 78 Select the source for the division field on Purchase & Sales Orders Slide
Option 79 Get labor hours from employees time sheets when receiving back completed assemblies from MFG Slide
Option 80 Set the Logbook Options Slide
Option 81 Salesman & Commission source settings for Sales Orders Slide
Option 82 Mark SO/WOs with an ISSUE SUBS ONLY assembly as REQUIRE DEDICATED WORK ORDERS Slide
Option 83 Add, Edit, or Delete the Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders Slide
Option 84 Dedicated work orders can be issued for multiple level Slide
Option 85 ISO 9000 Vendor Performance Settings Slide
Option 86 DBF and Excel Output Settings Slide
Option 87 Close invoices (AR) and receivers (AP) Slide
Option 88 Allow issuing materials for on hold sales/work orders in the Stockroom module Slide
Option 89 Shipment module settings Slide
Option 90 Invoice Warnings Slide
Option 91 Require entry of REQ SHIP DATE on Sales\Work Orders Slide
Option 92 Require field entries on Purchase Orders Slide
Option 93 Change the Configuration Code number Slide
Option 94 Require users to enter valid Chart of Account number. Slide
Option 95 Allow Credit Memo creation from the sales order module Slide
Option 96 Purge saved user related settings, queries and lists Slide
Option 97 Select inventory fields to import from an existing part to a new part when creating a new part Slide
Option 98 Credit Card Processor Integration Slide
Option 99 CDO Email Configuration Slide
Option 100 Archive or Recall data from numerous modules Slides (2)
Option 102 Create/Edit your Custom Language Slide
Option 103 Web Import/Output Settings Slide
Option 104 ACH Processor Integration Slide
Option 105 Cancel Confirmation Warning Slide
Option 106 QuickBooks Online or Desktop Slide
Address Book
Company Address
Global Settings

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